Friday, 28 May 2010


The idea for this triptych came from the bottom sequence of panels on page 5, following Anco's first solo hunt (Click here to see the rough layouts!)

For the degree show I will not be able to develop fully the look of my graphic novel layouts and panels, that will be a job for the summer. So in the last couple of weeks left before the show I will be concentrating on producing single illustrations from the panels I have roughed up, and possibly packaging them together in an artist's book type thing with relevant little excerpts from the text.


  1. Wow! Sara I really like the finished product. You're really good at this type of sketchy looking animation. I like the aged looking paper. It looks very...woody haha!

  2. Cheers Sand!! Though, it's not going to be animated, maybe you meant Illustration instead of animation :P
    I'm working on a pic from page 3 now, when Thomas disembarks from the ship after arriving in Newfoundland.