Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Resistance! Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein

This time(ish) last year I was currently working on an intro comic for Resistance, the supplement to the Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein RPG created by Iain Lowson. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the RPG, Matt Gibbs (editor on Resistance and writer of our Bayou Arcana story; "Promises") words it best:  "Dark Harvest is a grim reinvention of Mary Shelley's classic tale, set in an alternate history in which Victor Frankenstein hijacks the unification of Romania, during the Balkan conflicts of the mid-1800s, and creates his own country renamed Promethea."

My work on the comic, along with additional stand alone illustrations and a couple sketches of new characters based on competition winners, all feature inside this fantastic addition to Promethea's mythology, which is now available to order from the Cubicle 7 website!!
Currently you can get your hands on the PDF, or if you can wait a week or two the hardcopy shall also be available!!

Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein's first published rulebook recently won a Griffie for Best Roleplaying Product at Compulsion 2012!! 

Swamp Thing/Poison Ivy - Birthday crossover pic!

A fun crossover idea I had which I decided to draw and ink for fellow geek and comic hoarder, Lee Grice, for his Birthday back at the beginning of June.

The thought of Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing struck me as a cool concept to explore, Ivy having dominion over all plant life and Swamp Thing who was made entirely out of plant matter!
Surely Ivy would be able to completely control Swamp Thing's body, even if his mind resisted? Here I have depicted her almost puppeteering Swampy, making vines actually grow out of his arms and roots encase his lower body.

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY LEE!!! :)

Friday, 1 June 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing - The Daniels Family

Hey there Who fans and Impossible Crossing readers!!

I thought it was about time you all had a progress update and a bit more art to keep your appetites wet! 

Progress with the remaining 17 pages of issue one (following directly from the 5 page prologue) is going well! Though I've been working on pages in a bit of an odd order.. I drew page 6, panel 1 then skipped ahead to page 8! Though I blame Alex for this as he wrote in what promised to be a challenging yet beautifully intricate panel to draw on page 8 that I just couldn't wait for!!
(If you follow me on Twitter you'll have seen a sneaky WIP peek, if not here you go!)
However now pages 6 and 8 are completely drawn and inked, ready for colour, I'll be moving on chronologically to page 7 next.

For now though here're some character studies and colour concepts for the remaining members of the Daniels family!

If you need a little reminding about who  the Daniels family is, then heres a quick re-cap.
Travelling 2nd class on the Titanic is Harriet Daniels, and adventurous and quick witted girl who befriends the Doctor for the duration of this story. she is travelling with her father, Howard Daniels, who finds in the Doctor an understanding and mutual respect, Thought the Doctor know he's more important than he knows!

Along with Harriet and Howard are Harriet's mother, Ellen, and younger siblings, Charlotte, Theodore and Evelyn. 


Ellen Daniels is your typical middle class lady from 1912. She's mostly concerned about her eldest daughter's reckless and inappropriate behaviour. Harriet, being nearly of age for a girl of this era, doesn't concern herself with thoughts of the future, but Ellen is all to aware of what is to be expected of her daughter if she is to thrive in society. And that doesn't include running around freely aboard Titanic!

Charlotte Daniels, although 3 years younger than Harriet, is much more cautious and aware of the proper etiquette for a girl of 1912. She is most certainly her mother's daughter and doesn't at all share Harriet's adventurous spirit, preferring to turn a blind eye and do as she's told.

With Theodore (7 years old) and Evelyn (2-3 years old) you have a solid family unit, typical of the Edwardian era, and our main characters in Impossible Crossing!