Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mad Apple Circus, Animated music video - Character designs

Hey there Music fans!

I'm finally going to post up a bit of the initial character design regarding the Animated Music Video project I'm working on, amongst other things!!

First though I'll fill you in on all the background stuff.
Mad Apple circus is an original Big-band/Reggae/Ska-punk group from the deepest darkest suburbs of Bristol. You can usually find them making regular performances at The Prom and The Blue Lagoon along Gloucester Road (for any readers local and looking to hear them!)

Through a series of meetings with Luke Wilson-Tancock (Vocals, Guitar and Trumpet) and Josh Chapman (Guitar) we've discussed an animation to accompany one track titled "Let the Jury Sing". The track itself is 2 mins, 49 seconds long and is pretty damn fast paced! A LOT is planned to happen in those 2 mins, 49 seconds, so I shall have my work cut out for me!

Everything that happens in this animation will happen to one specific character, who'll be pulled through a variety of situations. This character is the Band's mascot, a Clown by the name of Bastardo! And so without further a-do I'll get on with the drawing bit!

Here are some initial character sketches for Bastardo the Clown!

These character sketches were based on your typical 50's Disney style, which the whole animation is to emulate, and various clowns and things from Dumbo and other animations I researched. However the largest factor to Bastardo's appearance is this lovely bit of artwork done by Luke's Dad!

You can find out more about Mad Apple Circus and the the other band members on their Facebook Page

The next thing to do on this project is to draw up storyboards and then fit those to the track with a rough animatic!!
Stay tuned!! :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hairy Heroes - more Smooth Jason studies

Hey there Hairies!!

Here's another batch of Jason character studies for you!
I've covered every possible angle of this character so that there'll be plenty of reference for Laura and I to animate from, especially for Laura who'll have to animate another person's drawing! Always tricky, so I'm giving her as much to draw from as possible!

Monday, 16 January 2012

A Creator Interview with Yours truly!

Hey Comics fans!

A little while back when Sugar Glider Stories 2 launched at Thought Bubble, Daniel Clifford (writer and co-creator) emailed me asking for my contribution to the creator interviews he was planning to post up on the Sugar Glider blog!

And (with a little poking and prodding) Daniel has FINALLY posted my interview!
But for those of you who are unfamiliar with Sugar Glider and my involvement you can find previews of my work here and below is the first page of Moving Day, the story I illustrated!

You'll find said interview right here -
Enjoy! :)

Sugar Glider Stories 2, and all other Sugar Glider titles, are available to purchase online right HERE!! So grab yourself a copy!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"... make it a Fishnets Double!"

Me: I'm sorry Lee, your christmas prezzie is gonna be kinda late, sooooo busy at the moment... By the way d'you know of any good pens for inking? I want to try a new technique for my comic projects.

Lee: Thats okay, try these dip pens *shares link* they should be good for drawing fishnets!! ;) *hint hint*

Me: Cheers Lee, I'll break them in by using them to draw your prezzie... if you don't mind waiting a lil longer!?

Lee: I can wait... but maybe make it a Fishnets Double!?! :D

So I did!
Black Canary and Zatanna drawn as a (very belated) christmas present for the lovely Lee Grice!

I used a combination of dip ink pens and brush pens to in this image. I plan on experimenting with integrating a bolder inked outline with my usual textured digital painting style for my current cmic projects: Alex's Doctor Who comic and the top secret project with Matt Gibbs! Playing around with the pens by drawing Lee's present gave me a chance to get a feel for them... and create something pretty for him too!! :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

UPDATES!! Bayou Arcana & Into the Woods!!

Bayou Arcana: Due for release May 2012!!
Pre-Order NOW!!!

If my little arty snippets for the Bayou Arcana story "Promises" has wetted your appetite for more, not to mention all the recent exposure we've had due to the Guardian Article, then that'll be nothing compared to this glorious cover for the anthology done by the wonderful Jennie Gyllblad (who has also illustrated the story "Irons in the Fire" written by Corey Brotherson, for the anthology). Not to mention all the other stories lying in wait for you inside!

And it just so happens that for those of you who cannot wait, Markosia have recently posted up a Pre-order page for our little comic!!!! Click Here!!

EDIT: Bayou Arcana is now available for pre-order from the above link!! Order before 1st April 2012 to get £3 off!!

Cover revealed for Into the Woods: A Fairytale Anthology!!

Stacey Whittle revealed the Into the Woods cover today!!
This beauty was illustrated by Andy Bloor with colours from Steven Howard, and they certainly have done a fantastic job!!
I of course illustrated the Red Riding Hood story for the anthology that this cover echoes, however collected inside are a whole HOST of original Brother's Grimm style fairytales to delight you!

Into the Woods will be launching at Cardiff Expo, 25th & 26th Feb 2012!!

Eagle Awards Nominations are open!!

My last bit of news is about the annual Eagle Comic awards!

For those who aren't familiar with the Eagles, they were introduced in 1976 and are the comic industry's longest established awards. The Eagles have been featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles across the last 30 years, and are unique in that they reflect the people's choice!

While registering my nominations, I was delighted to spot my name listed for "Favourite Newcomer Artist"!!!!

Without sounding like the typical Oscars kinda speech, I am genuinely thankful to those who put my name down to be nominated!
Being a complete newcomer to the comic scene, with only a year working on projects with amazing people, to just see my name listed there is a great surprise and an awesome feeling!!
So thank you very very very much!!!!

Remember, if you'd like to have your say over whose nominated then go ahead and complete the survey! And, y'know.... If you feel I deserve your nomination for Favourite Newcomer Artist, then my warmest thanks shall be extended to you also!! :)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Doctor Who Comic - A couple colour studies!

Hey there Who fans, and Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic festive season, but the time has come to pack away those Christmas decorations, make and break New Years resolutions and wonder how on earth to shift all the extra holiday weight!

So while we're saying goodbye to 2011, lets say hello to 2012 with some colour studies of the 8th and 10th Doctors!