Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Grand Staircase - Doctor Who: Impossible Crossing

Progress with colouring Impossible Crossing issue 1 is coming along nicely! I just yesterday finished page 14, and today am currently working on page 15! 
Once completed that'll leave only 7 pages left to colour!

So who wants to get a peek at some of these coloured panels then?

As I've shown you the pencils and the inks for possibly one of my favourite panels in the comic, I'll show you the colours for it too!

I give you the Grand Staircase on board Titanic! 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Doctor Who: Impossible Crossing colour progress!!

Hey there Whovians!

The colours for Impossible Crossing are steaming along nicely, I'm already over half way with only 10 pages left to colour! 
Last week I managed to colour 3 pages in 2 days, and today I seem to be matching that pace having already finished colouring page 12 and making headway on page 13!

So I thought it was high time I shared some colours with you all, here is panel 1 from page 6 (as seen during the pencil and inked stage here) in all it's technicolour glory!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

On Deck - Impossible Crossing peek.

Hey Who fans!!

I'm well underway with colouring! As it stands I've currently just finished colouring page 10, and I'm well on my way to starting page 11 once I've finished this blog!

For now though here is a panel from page 21 that I'm rather proud of! The Doctor and Harriet looking over the bow of the Titanic.

In related news, Geek Syndicate have launched their Autumn magazine with mine and Alex's Impossible Crossing interview!
If you didn't catch the link in my previous Who blog then check out the whole mag right here!