Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Chief of the Tribe

This is the Chief of the Native American tribe. As the Alpha is the General, this guy is his commander. The guy behind all the decision making. He is strong and can't afford to be afraid of being ruthless if it means ensuring the survival and security of his people. He's a fair man and will listen to both sides of an argument, however he won't hesitate to strike if what he hears threatens their peaceful existence.
I didn't want the Chief to have one of those typical, huge feathered headdresses as they mainly originate from the Indians of central America, and my tribe are in the North. Also there will already be some unique head-gear worn by a few of the Elders and of course the Alpha and his wolf's head. The Chief would have more of an air of power, wisdom, authority and benevolence about him that makes everyone look to him, without the need of a massive headdress to make him look important.
The Chief is roughly 63 years old, and I'm toying with the name Hiamovi, which is Cheyenne for "High Chief".
I've based his likeness on the actor Edward James Olmos, although you Battlestar fans will probably pick up on that.. Also some of you may recognise a couple of the poses, I've heavily referenced Thor a couple of times here just for the purposes of getting to grips with drawing the character. The hardest part about drawing my characters, I find, is getting the right pose for them... Obviously when drawing the comic the story will dictate the pose, but here I'm just getting a feel for the character, they way they stand, move, etc. So I get a little inspiration from my favourite comic illustrators.

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