Friday, 24 August 2018

MULP: Sceptre of the Sun Issue #5 Progress

Hey MULP fans!

If you saw one of my previous posts you'll know that lately life has been keeping me rather busy!
For those of you who missed that then the gist of it was that I've gone and bought a house, moved, started a new job, turned 30, had my Macbook break down on me and got it repaired!! Phew!

Unfortunately this has meant that progress on the final issue of MULP has been fragmented in the snatched moments when my studio wasn't packed up in boxes and while my laptop was working!

However I have some sneak peeks and updates for those anticipating the conclusion to our mousey adventure!

All 23 pages of issue #5 are pencilled and inked! The images which are scattered throughout this post show various work in progress sneak peeks taken throughout the inking process. These were posted up along with a few more on my instagram, so be sure to give me a follow if you want to stay updated!

Not only has all the traditional work for this issue been completed, but since my laptop got repaired I've been cracking on with the colouring stages too!

As some of you may know, MULP is actually coloured digitally using photoshop!
The pencils and inks are inks are drawn traditionally then scanned into Photoshop. Next I apply the background textures, these are several paper/paint textures blended and layered together underneath the inks, to create the base palette for each page.

In fact, this is how the full Issue #5 is currently looking!
(but with the ink layers turned off to avoid spoilers!)

These background textures are essentially my (not so flat) flats, which I then use as a base to digitally paint in the details.

If you're interested in my colouring process and would like to know in more detail what it takes to create a page of MULP, you can find a two part step by step guide of how I created the cover for MULP #1!

How I Make Comics, part 1

How I Make Comics, part 2

For the next few weeks or so I will be attempting to make fast progress on completing the colouring for this, the last issue of MULP: Sceptre of the Sun!

Be sure to keep and eye out on my social media for sneaky peeks and works in progress throughout the colouring process!

You can find me on:

Watch this space for more MULP news, reviews and updates!

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Pet Portraits - Pip the Spaniel

Hello again!!

This morning I've a new pet portrait to share with you!

This commission was given as a birthday present to Sally, the owner of Pip the gorgeous spaniel!

This traditional style commission is A4 portrait in size and done using pencil colours.

Pet portraits make a fantastic gift with a personal touch to anyone who loves their furry companion, drop me an email if you or someone you know would love a portrait of their pet like Pip here!

Monday, 20 August 2018

The Happy Couple - Watercolour/Pen and Ink portrait

Morning Everyone!

I've got another rather special piece to share with you this time.

This portrait was commissioned by a friend as a surprise wedding present to another friend who recently tied the knot!

Wishing a massive (belated) congratulations to Ed and Steph, hope you had a wonderful day and you enjoy the portrait!

This A4 landscape portrait was done using both watercolours and pen and ink wash.

Do you know someone who will be celebrating their special day or anniversary soon? Get in touch to commission an equally special gift for them:

Thursday, 16 August 2018

~ BACK FROM THE DEAD! ~ : Themed Portraits - Disney Wonderland

Hey everyone, I'M ALIVE!!

I'm currently typing to you from my brand new studio, in my brand new house, in a brand new county!

Yep, I've had a lot going on in the last few months and I do hope that it excuses my rather extended hiatus in posting on this old blog.

Since you last heard from me, my partner and I have completed the purchase of our first house! We are homeowners!! We've been busy decorating, moving and making the place our own. I'm no longer based in Bristol either! We've relocated to the sunny seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare, where I not only have the beach on my doorstep, but also woodlands behind our house and fantastic views of the countryside from my window, plenty of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. If that wasn't enough change, I also changed jobs and I celebrated a milestone birthday! PHEW!

It's been a hectic few months, typically once things had started to settle and I was able to resume my creative work, what should happen? My Laptop decided to pack up! Thankfully I was able to get it repaired within a reasonable timeframe and projects weren't delayed much further!

So to celebrate my return creative form (finally) I thought I'd start by posting up some long awaited commissions.

Here to kick things off is a fun Disney themed portrait commissioned as a birthday present for Chloe, who is a Disney Princess in her own right. Here she is hanging out with her favourite characters, whom she got to meet at Disneyland a couple weeks after!

This portrait is A4 landscape, and coloured using Copic Markers.

I've got a few more commissions to share, so stay posted!
If you know someone who is as big a Disney fan as Chloe, then drop me a message for a personalised portrait like this!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Pet Portraits - Fantasy Cats

Morning Everyone!

Today I'm sharing with you the last of the portraits commissioned over Christmas.
This one is fairly special in that it was commissioned for a fan of MULP whose pet cats had sadly passed away.

So in loving memory of Paddy, Mowgli and Purdie, here are the trio forever immortalised as Fantasy/D&D characters! Paddy the bard, Mowgli the Knight and Purdie the Mage.

This commission is A3 in size and coloured using Copic Markers.

If you know someone who would like a portrait like this of their pets, then please drop me an email at

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Themed Portraits - Mermaids

Hello again!

Today I'm sharing with you another themed portrait that was commissioned over the Christmas period. This one features three friends; Malwina, Ellis and Jacqueline with baby Primrose, as pretty mermaids underwater. I had a lot of fun colouring this one!!
I hope you girls like it!!

This commission was A3 in size and coloured using Copic Markers.

There's still more Christmas commissions to be posted, so stay tuned!
And as always if you know someone who would love a portrait like this then drop me an email:

Friday, 5 January 2018

Themed Portraits - To Infinity and Beyond

Last time I shared with you one of a pair of Toy Story themed portraits commissioned as christmas gifts, you can see Charlie as Woody here!

Here is the second of the pair, Jack as Buzz Lightyear!

This Commission is A4 in size and coloured using Copic Markers.

There are still more Christmas Commissions to be posted up, so stay tuned!
And as always if you're interested in commissioning me then drop me an email:

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Themed Portraits - There's a Snake in my Boot!

Happy New Year!!

As promised in my last post back before Christmas (was it really that long ago?? *dusts off cobwebs*) I have some commissions to share with you! 
These were requested as Christmas presents and so to avoid spoiling any surprises I've waited until now to share them.

So in the first post of 2018 let me share with you one of a pair of themed portraits done for two brothers that are huge Disney fans.

This is Charlie as Woody from Toy Story! 

This commission is A4 in size and coloured using Copic Markers.

Stay posted for more christmas commissions to be posted up soon!
And as always if you're interested in commissioning me then drop me an email: