Friday, 7 May 2010

Nashoba - the Beta

Nashoba is the Alpha's younger brother, making him Beta and second in command. Although he is an accomplished fighter he does not actively participate in battle with his brother and the elite warriors. His duty is to train the younger generations of wolf-warriors and to take them out to hunt for food to feed the entire tribe.
Nashoba is like a mentor, someone you can go to for advice, and is much more approachable than his brother. He spends much more time amongst the tribe's people, and is a fair man with a very 'innocent until proven guilty' attitude.

He wears more decoration (a breast plate, wolf totem and necklaces) as his position is more ceremonial than the Alpha's, who is an active leader. All this also associates him more with the Chief and the Elders, who also wear decoration, making him the tribe's link to the 'wolf-warriors'.
The ranking tattoo on his arm shows his status as being below his brother, but higher than the other members.
Nashoba is Choctaw for Wolf, he is roughly 38 years old and his likeness is based on a very young August Schellenberg (Randolph from Free Willy, and Sitting Bull from Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.)

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  1. All the indians are coming along well Sara. Their clothes and markings are cool. If you're going to cast a kinda oldish fat american indian in a movie it would be this guy haha. I remember him from Tremors and Eight Below.