Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bayou Arcana - Page 4 preview (& a quick update!)

Hey folks!!

Apologies for my recent blogging absence, please don't take the momentary quiet as a sign of unproductivity... Quite the opposite in fact!!

During the final week or so working of on the Dark Harvest comic I was also beavering away on another small project... Which is now complete, however I can't tell you about it yet!!! :(
The news will be officially announced soon and I'll be sure to splurge full details on this mystery project for you all!

Also I've been working on getting some finished pages of the Red Riding Hood comic under my belt. I've currently got one page out of five complete, but as of yet am unable to share peeks until Editor, Stacey Whittle gives the word!

BUT!!! I have been working on something that I CAN show you a little bit of!! :)

It's been a while since your last taste of "Promises", the short story for the Bayou Arcana anthology, and with the last post I mentioned that I'd no longer be posting up full pages!
However I do have a couple of panels to share to keep your appetites wet (and not give too much away!)

Here we have pencils for panel 2

And a coloured panel 3

I've two pages left to draw and colour, and then the whole 6 pages to letter. So you can expect a couple more previews of upcoming pages!

ALSO, I've been asked by Dark Harvest's Iain Lowson to step up with some artwork for winning characters created and submitted to the RPG's Create a Character competition!
The final illustrations will be published on the Dark Harvest website and also signed prints will go to the winners!!
You'll be pleased to know I'm allowed to fully blog each step in the process, so there'll be plenty of new things to look at!