Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dark Harvest - Sneak Peak Number 2!!

Has a week gone a by already!?
Well, your due your next Dark Harvest installment aren't you!!

This is panel 1 from page 2. A resistance fellow watching the progress of the train.

Watch out for next week!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dark Harvest - Sneaky Peak!!

Hello Prometheans!!

It's exactly 4 weeks today until the deadline for "Resistance", the Dark Harvest RPG intro comic!

This short 6pg comic will be entered into John Freeman's new Strip Magazine Spotlight Challenge competition! Where if it wins, it will be published in the magazine due to out in October!
The comic will also feature alongside a host of new tales from Promethea, in the second Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein book, due out in April next year!

With 3 pages complete, I thought it was high time you lot got a peek at what I've been getting up to in secret! So to wet your appetites I shall be posting up some teasers!!

Each Thursday, starting today, I'll reveal a random panel from a completed page until the deadline on the 21st July where I'll post up a full lettered page for your enjoyment and celebration of my first completed short comic!!! Yaaaay!!! :D

So without further a-do, here is the 1st of 4 panels for your viewing pleasure!

This is Panel 2 on page 1, a close up of the fearsome Promethean military steam train...

Stay tuned for next Thursday's sneaky peek!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Wolf in Grandma's clothing....

No Red Riding Hood story is complete without the wolf!

So I present to you the character that I'll probably have the most fun drawing!!!

If you have been a long follower of my Blog or have explored it's ancient depths, you'll know this isn't the first time I've had a dabble in drawing wolves. And I must say that it was good to get back into the swing of drawing such a beautiful Canine.. even with the Granny specks and bonnet!

If you haven't seen the wolves previously mentioned, then you can find them all (and all from the project they pertain to) right here!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

RRH - Character Studies, number 2!

Here's your second lot of character studies for today!
Introducing Mr. (very hunky) Woodcutter!

This guy is of course our love interest for Red (can you blame her??) but he has a more significant role to play all of his own...
Rich dropped Oliver Goodwill's name for a reference here, and he's sporting some very traditional woodsman-like clothing.

Red Riding Hood - Character Studies

When I heard that Small Press Big Mouth's fabulous Stacey Whittle was putting together a Fairy tale Comics Anthology I just HAD to put myself forward!!
Sinister little tales, enchanted forests and magical beasties? Count me in!! :D

The story that caught my eye was Rich McAuliffe's riff of Red Riding Hood, granted a tale that has seen many an incarnation, but none with such humor and simple twisted irony as Rich's version!

So without further a-do, let me introduce you to our leading Lady.
I give you Miss Hood herself!

Rich used the typical setting from the traditional Red Riding Hood tale, so Red is wearing a kinda standard peasant girl style dress and of course her cloak and hood!
For reference I was pointed in the direction of Alicia Witt; a young, stunning red haired beauty is what was required for this story!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Promises - Page three Colour!!

Righto folks, this is it.. this is the last full page your getting! :P
From now on I'll only be posting up odd panels from the remainder 3 pages (both sketches and colour) to show Promises' progress!

Once all 6 pages are done to this stage I'll set about lettering. Stay posted 'cause I might be persuaded to put up a couple lettered pages!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Promises Page 3 - Sneak Peek!

I'm just over halfway through colouring Page 3 of Promises and here is panel 2 in it's full coloured glory!!
Another panel that makes for quite a nice illustration on it's own!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Another Sugar Glider pic...

Yeah, I kinda drew another one...

Inspired by a Batgirl pose this time. I could draw Susie mimicking Bat-poses all day, it's so much fun! :D

Sugar Glider

Let me introduce you to a Small Press heroine with Big ambition!
Susie Sullivan is just your average teenager from Newcastle. She goes to college, does sports and fights crime in her spare time! She is Sugar Glider!

Sugar Glider is another comic I've been asked to illustrate for, the ongoing series written by Daniel Clifford and illustrated by Gary Bainbridge has since spawned a small anthology collection exploring the untold stories of the characters who have appeared (and have yet to appear) in the main story arch.
I have been asked to draw for one of these stories to be collected into a second anthology collection: Sugar Glider Stories 2!

So here is me just having a quick play with the character, who you may notice, is sporting a rather Batman-esq pose.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Happy Birthday Lovely Lee!

A little something for Small Press, Big Mouth's Lee Grice on his birthday! :D