Thursday, 28 October 2010

Autumnal Showers

This doodle was inspired by my wooded path sprint in the rain to the bus station in Wells last saturday.

Apologies for not posting anything for ages, I have been rather caught up with all those boring grown up necessities of life. Working full time at my day job now that university has finished and hunting for a new place to live has kinda taken up most of my time for the past month.
My boyfriend and I are currently going through the motions of applying for a flat, we're awaiting the results of our credit checks and the landlords decision. Fingers crossed we get the place!!
So I may hopefully be able to settle into a proper routine of work and art and make my posts on here more regular again, once those boring necessities have settled down!

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Fruits of Labour - The Girl with backgrounds

As an example of what the previous drawings of the girl would look like in the context of the film, I've printed and torn out copies and placed them into the appropriate backgrounds.

These are photos of how the final images will come together, showing both the drawn and erased versions.

The Fruits of Labour - The Girl

The artist character in the film meets a girl and falls for her. He draws her and places her into the drawings on his wall of where they both go; The Cave, Lake and forest.

I had to do two versions of each drawing, as the artist character's father does not approve of his sons infatuation with this girl and erases her from his pictures. I had to do versions of the girl semi-erased and smudged.
The drawings have outlines drawn around them as a guide for when they are to be cut or torn out and put into the appropriate pictures, this is to ensure that the paper shapes of each drawing match and there are no continuity flaws between shots of the drawings whole and erased!

The Fruits of Labour - The Cave and Lake

These two paintings are locations being used for various scenes within the film.

The Fruits of Labour - The Red Berry Tree

This red berried Rowan tree plays quite a major role in the film. For this set of illustrations I was asked to provide at least 2 versions.
One unfinished to be used as part of a scene where the artist character is sat drawing it in his room.
And another finished version to be seen tacked up on his wall with the other drawings. I did two finished versions, one just pencil and the other with the red berries coloured in to just enhance the importance of the role in which they play.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Fruits of Labour - Forest Landscapes

I had quite a bit of practice for these illustrations with my 3rd year Uni project, notice my trademark trees!!

The Fruits of Labour - Plant studies and Squirrels

The Fruits of Labour - Blackbird studies

These pencil studies were the beginning of many Illustrations I was recently commissioned to produce for a short independent film titled 'The Fruits of Labour'.
One of the lead characters in the film is a fledgling artist and draws the environment around him, these drawings will act as the ones that the character has done and decorated his room with.