Friday, 26 October 2012

Mooooooore Zombie portraits!!

Been a busy zom-bee (gettit?) with with all these commissions! Haha never mind! :P

Here are the latest additions to the horde!
Ash and Lyndsay here are my Manager and supervisor at work... lets just say drawing these two was a daunting experience, but also at the same time fun in a slightly sadistic way! Love you guys! :D
Ben here is a has been turned into a comic fiend and Walking Dead fan with my encouragement. Now I've also turned him into a Zombie!
Here're another couple! Andrea and her boyfriend Harry, who I am told is one lighting scar away from being Harry Potter... well Harry, wish granted!

This one was a fun commission for Venetia and her band called The What Now Kids? Jon, the singer has his lower jaw missing and his mic wrapped round his neck. Venetia has her head partially severed by a cymbal and a drumstick in her mouth. And Rob has an axe wound caused by his guitar!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More Zombie Portraits!!

The trial run for this proposed Zombie Portrait commission is going really well! Thanks for the great support everyone!

I've had a few takers since I blogged previously (click here to see the earlier portraits) and spent last night disfiguring and dismembering a couple of my best friends! Haha!

Zombie Ian, our resident undead vegetarian!
Fellow illustrator Jennie Gyllblad and her undead budgies Chester and Ruffles.

John here is a cycling fanatic! Nice to know that his helmet survived the zombie apocalypse, even if he didn’t… Road safety first everyone!! 

There are a few more to come so I'll post them up in another batch!
This was a good idea to open as a trial first to work out the kinks and become aware of things before they become a crisis! I think I will defiantly open this up as a properly organised commission next year for anyone and everyone, people just seem to love Zombies!! 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Halloween Special - Zombie Portraits!!

Halloween is a-coming!!

I've currently been reading a LOT of Walking Dead and felt really inspired to get into the spooky spirit with a Zombified self portrait for display pictures and things.
But then once I did one for myself (and thoroughly freaked myself out in the process) I had to do one for my sister, Gemma, her boyfriend Josh, and Alex!

It's gotten to the point where other people are now interested! So I might open a bit of a commission with this!

If you'd like to see yourself Zombified like the portraits below, then get in touch!

Solo portraits (like these pictured here) - £8
Double portrait (you and a friend) - £10

Portraits are drawn in blue and lead pencil with red colouring pencil, they measure around 11cm by 11cm, (double portraits will be wider) and all are signed and dated.

This commission offer will only be open during the lead up to Halloween and for time and postage purposes I can only offer this to friends and family for now, sorry! 
If this kicks off then maybe next year I'll open it up to a broader market!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing UPDATE!

Morning Whovians!
I have some very exciting news for you! 
Last week marked the completion of all the pencils and inks for all pages of the first issue! And this week I completed all the lettering also!

So from now until Christmas I will be busy colouring everything ready for a lunch in the New Year, and a kick start of a year long celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who!
For now though, I'm going to share a rather special panel from page 20.

What's so special about this panel, you're wondering right? Well it's based on a rather famous photograph taken by Frank Browne on Titanic's Promenade deck. First-class passenger Frederick Spedden observes his son, Robert Douglas, spinning a top while other passengers look on. And strolling right through the background of this scene is the Doctor and Harriet!
Here's the actual photograph:

This is just one of the many little hints and nods to real life events that Alex and I have added into Impossible Crossing!

Geek Syndicate's Autumn of Indie: Impossible Crossing Creator Interview!!

In related news Alex and I were interviewed by Geek Syndicate's Luke Halsall for their Autumn of Indie! Read about how we got into comics and Doctor Who, and learn more about the research we had to do to capture Titanic and the Doctors!