Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Boat trip down the Bayou - Sketch

Here's a little preview sketch of what I'm currently working on for Bayou Arcana.

Now that all the characters are good to go and the Charon is ready to start steaming along, I decided to have a little play with ALL the elements I've been developing so far thrown into one picture!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The fastest ferry on the Arcana!

Just a few sketches of reputedly the fastest ferry on the Arcana river; the Charon!

The middle and last sketches are the ones I'll be going for I reckon.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Last, but by no means least...

The final character for "Promises" (and I promise that he really is the last to design!)
I introduce to you the Captain of the fastest ferry boat on the Arcana River!

Matt's description for him was: "Courteous but solemn, The Captain is unnerving in a way hard to describe - he has wrestled with his demons and literally stuck a bargain, but is saddened by every soul he delivers. Think tall and strong, but kindly, pocked cheeks hiding behind mutton chop whiskers."

His likeness is based on actor; Alun Armstrong.

The clothing for this guy was a bit of a no brainer... Peaked captain hat and a big 'ol greatcoat! There wasn't much to research here, making him the quickest character to design.
His greatcoat is buttoned up against the changeable swamp climate and shows signs of long weathering, as do his ruddy cheeks and hardened features. A light coloured scarf, hardy boots and of course the hat top off the Captain's outfit.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Back to BA with Morgan McKenzie

Hey everyone, firstly apologies for the huuuuuge gap between posts!!

My blogging absence was due to some infuriating and scary technical difficulties. My laptop decided to completely conk out on me, and once I'd got it fixed Photoshop decided to not re-install!!
As you can imagine, I started to panic! But to cut a long story short, a computer savvy friend of mine came to the rescue and returned Photoshop to perfect working order!

So I am finally back in business!!! (much to my profound relief!!!) And without further a do I shall pick up where I left off; Bayou Arcana character No. 8 out of 9: Morgan McKenzie - the Preacher.

Matt's description of this guy was: "Caught between repenting and sinning, Preacher McKenzie places the blame for his alcohol and laudanum addiction everywhere but himself. Think snakelike, all bones and no meat, his Preacher's collar loose like a shackle round his neck, his eyes sunken in sallow sockets."

His likeness is based on a combination of actors Mackenzie Crook and Brad Dourif.

Fitting Morgan with the right clothes to really emphasize his skeletal frame and state of ill health really gave me some grief, as the Priest's garb of that era masks a lot of the wearer's figure. I discovered that finding the balance between his posture and the robe's size on his body was quite a challenge.
In the end I decided to grant myself a little artistic license and cut the robes closer to his frame. His greying hair hangs thin and lank over pale, papery skin. He handles his crucifix in a hesitant fashion, the weight of his addictions ever present in his mind.

We're almost there with the BA character line up, only the Captain of the ferry left to design and then the ferry itself!! Then I can get on and finally do some layouts! Phew!