Monday, 19 March 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing ANOTHER Sneaky peek!

Morning Whovians,

Another sneaky peek!? I spoil you lot! :P
Well Page 3 is completely coloured, so as you've already seen panel 4 at it's pencilled and inked stages, I thought I'll give you a taste of what it looks like in colour!

Just the final 2 pages left to colour and then it's almost done!!
Keep posted for more!! :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bayou Arcana: Women in Comics Interview!!

Hey there Comic fans!!

A few of the creators of Bayou Arcana got interviewed a little while ago, in light of the recent gender issues stirred up by the scheduled appearance of a few of the artists (which of course are all female) on the Kapow Comic Con panel!
As far as I understand it, this will be the first time in a long time that women have been invited to speak on a panel at Kapow! Go go Girls!!

The full interview by the lovely Laura Sneddon, featuring Nic Wilkinson (Swamp Pussy and the Hanged Man), Valia Kapadai (The Tale of O' Mercy), Jennie Gyllblad (Irons in the Fire), Vicky Stonebridge (Tohopka), Dani Abram (Small World), Corey Brotherson (Irons in the Fire - writer), James Pearson (Creator/editor/writer) AND myself, can be found right here!

However I'll copy and paste my bits below (excuse the waffle!)

How did the project come together?

Sara Dunkerton: For me the project started with an email back in November 2010 from Matt Gibbs. Matt and Jennie Gyllblad (Bayou Arcana illustrator for 'Irons in the Fire') knew each other before Bayou Arcana came to be, she brought him along to our degree show at the Coningsby Gallery in London where Jen and I were both exhibiting our 3rd year Illustration work, having been on the same course as each other at uni!

I didn't meet Matt that night, but he obviously remembered my name and my work, as in that fateful email he asked if I would like to collaborate with him on a short comic story for the Bayou Arcana Anthology!

Bayou Arcana was my first involvement in any kind of graphic novel publication, so having just completed my degree I needed a nice big project to sink my teeth into and I was INCREDIBLY psyched that Bayou Arcana would be it!!

Through my involvement in Bayou Arcana I have not only built firm friendships with the other creators and learnt LOADS about what is involved in making a comic, but also I've received a few commissions and requests to draw for other comics from people who have seen my development stuff for 'Promises' on my blog! I owe a LOT to Jennie, Matt, Jimmy and the whole Bayou Arcana Project for getting me at where I am today!

I just know I'm going to feel like a proud parent when this baby hits the shelves!!!

What are your thoughts on the Bayou Arcana panel at Kapow?

Sara Dunkerton: I'm excited for the guys that're going to be appearing on the panel and the massive stir that our little book has caused!! But I'm gutted to say that I won't be able to make it there in person!!

I don't know if anyone expected such publicity and interest to surround the project, I know I certainly didn't! But I'm delighted that there are loads of people out there who are talking about it and us, the creators!

I WILL definitely be at Bayou Arcana's launch at Bristol Expo however. I've no excuse not to be, it's right on my doorstep! Haha! And if we get a panel there I shall be more than willing to get up there and natter along with the rest of them (after the appropriate amount of sweets and sugar...)

How do you feel being a woman creator in a fairly male dominated industry?

Sara Dunkerton: This one is tricky, I mean my involvement in Bayou Arcana was my big break into the Small Press/Indie scene! So the people I've gotten to know through this project are incredibly accepting of female creators. Everyone I know is very supportive and the things I've heard about other female creators and their achievements are incredibly encouraging!

Though being rather new as a creator I'm looking through unexperienced eyes. However I can say from experience as just a female punter in a crowd that is Superhero/Mainstream orientated that it can be a bit different. I have found that when I talk about comics to guys they are surprised to hear that there are actually girls out there that are into all that stuff, and not just Manga or Indie but Marvel and DC too! I've occasionally outstripped the cockiest male DC buff with my geek prowess, which was fun, and most of the time the guys may seem surprised to see the littlest geeky girl in front of them but they accept it!

Though there have been times when I've felt I've been talked down to, patronised or completely over looked in comic book stores and such, in those cases I tend to speak up "YES I'm a girl, YES I like Batman! And YES I am aware that Dick Grayson was the original Robin, who then outgrew the role and assumed the name Nightwing, which is kryptonian in origin!! And Martian Manhunter, aka J'onn J'onzz, likes Oeros!"

Would you want to do superhero/"mainstream" comics or not?

Sara Dunkerton: Ummmm..... Yeah, I'd give it a go! :D

I mean I first found comics through Batman and made DC my home, so I'm not at all opposed to the mainstream superhero stuff! My longterm favourite comic illustrators are Michael Turner and Jim Lee, I found a love and appreciation for comic illustration through their work!

I've long since branched out into the Indie and Creator Owned stuff, I have found that side has the most passion and excitement (and more often the better stories...) and I hope to be a long term part of that!

However if Marvel or DC came a-calling and asked me to illustrate a one off story I wouldn't be able to pass that up!! :D

Friday, 9 March 2012

Walk like a Spider... part 2!

Hey there Hairies!!

Remember I was teaching Jason how to walk? Well here is progress so far!

I've gone from the basic construction outline (as seen here) to a more fleshed and Jason-like full outline!

Despite being naked he still wears his sunglasses, what a cool customer! :P
I shall colour and dress him at the final stage!

P.S. Apologies for the picture appearing stretched.. seems the aspect ratios of the blogger upload and my exported movie are different :S

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing. Times Square in colour!

Hey there Whovians,

As you'll know from my previous post, I've finished all pencils and inks for the 5 page Prologue of Impossible Crossing!
So today I have been beginning to add colour to the first page and, as you've seen it at it's pencilled and inked stages, I thought I'd give you all a peek at what that 1st panel of page 1 looks like in colour!

Now that page 1 is coloured, I've the remaining pages to complete by the end of this month in order to get the whole thing up for your viewing pleasure by April 14th!!
So stay tuned!!

Friday, 2 March 2012

what... What, WHAT!?? Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing Sneaky Peek!

what... What.. WHAT's this!!??

It's another sneaky peek at Doctor Who: Impossible Crossing!!

This panel is actually the very last of the 5 Page Prologue!

I have this month to colour and letter and then the whole 5 pages will be hitting computer screens, mobile phones, iPads (basically if it can connect to the internet you can see it, totally free) on April 14th 2012!!!