Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Wolfsbane - Rough page layouts

These are some initial roughs from the small thumbnails in the previous post.
The Panel layouts are rather generic at the moment, but I plan to develop these up a LOT further to suit the 18th century theme of the story and artwork.

Prologue page 1: circa 1497, short history on the tribe. Introduction of the various roles within the tribe and glimpses of the Hunters leaving.

Prologue page 2: history cont. Hunters out on the hunt. The Alpha from the 1497 pack of hunters spots something from their vantage point on a mountain. The pack (now all in human form) watch the arrival of John Cabot and start of British colonization of Newfoundland.

Page 1: Sept 23rd 1789, (approx 300 years later, British settlements in Newfoundland are prosperous.) Our story begins with Lt Bishop in his cabin.

Page 2: Splash page, reveal Lt Bishop and Pvt Hayworth on ship sailing into Newfoundland port. The composition still needs work...

Page 3: Pvt Hayworth disembarking and walking to fort.

Page 4: Back to the Tribe, Antinanco's initiation into the Warrior/Hunter clan.

Page 5: Anco's first solo hunt.

Page 6: Nashoba (Beta) and Helushka (Alpha) have a chat.

Page 7: Anco's acceptance, Helushka is not happy...

Page 8: Col. Webster's house, he and Capt. Avery are discussing the indians.

Page 9: Lt. Bishop is called in and given a briefing.

Page 10: Col. Webster asks Lt. Bishop to do something he's not all that comfortable with.


  1. Hello!!

    Your story is coming along fast now. You must be up day and night working on it haha! Have you had the cards printed yet?

    I don't know if you know this but after the board showing the breif history of the tribe you have the second board showing the indians in present day hunting a stag and then seeing Cabot coming to shore.
    The opening scene with them chasing and hunting the stag is also the opening scene for The Last of The Mohicans. I know you don't want you story to be in any way like anything else that has been so I thought I'd point that out just incase :p

    Are you going to have enough energy to come out after all of this?! :p


  2. Hey!! :D
    No, the cards haven't been printed yet, they've only just been sent off! We should get them soon I think.

    The pages your referring to are both the prologue, there are 2 pages of history. (I do state before the pic "History cont", but obviously thats not clear enough. I've edited it now to make it more obvious.)

    So the wolves hunting down the caribou at the top of the second page are in the PAST. We follow their hunt as we learn about their powers, and after they take their prey down they spot Cabot coming ashore from a vantage point.
    Following the hunt at the beginning and getting it across to people the supernatural side to my story is the most effective way to do so, and if it mirrors The Last of the Mohicans I guess that's okay! It's a classic Native American story and if my story does harken back to that then thats not such a bad thing at all!!!
    I mean it's a film about Native American's, not werewolves!! So I don't mind at all if people are reminded of The Last of the Mohicans when they read this! In fact now I'm aware of it, I'll make a point of getting hold of a copy to watch so as to make it more of an intentional mirroring of that scene!