Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Doctor's Companion

The 5 page prologue for Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing has been live for two weeks now!

I'm rather chuffed that since the launch on the 14th it's been getting a steady stream of hits, so thank you everyone who has had a read, or shared the link! You're awesome!

I've a little treat for you now, a bit of behind the scenes sketches and a sneaky peek at the additional cast of the comic!

Let me introduce you to Harriet!

Harriet is a headstrong and adventurous 14 year old girl from 1912. She's intelligent, sharp and doesn't care to be restricted by the proper etiquette for a young lady of her age. She and her family are travelling in second class on the Titanic. 
While exploring the ship Harriet runs across an odd man wearing a green frock coat, they instantly strike a friendship, and for this story Harriet becomes the Doctor's companion!

You'll meet the rest of Harriet's family soon!

If anyone hasn't yet read the Impossible Crossing prologue you can do so right here: 

Please feel free to comment and share! :)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Walk like a Spider - Completed Walk Cycle!

Hey there Hairies!

It's been a while since you all have a Smooth Jason update!
Well I've been working hard today to FINALLY get this walk cycle finished to share with you all!

(Also available to watch on Vimeo)

If you want reminding of the process/development that built up to this then click right here!

I plan for Jason to feature a little more on my blog in the weeks to come, Laura Bartle (my collaborator on this project) has just completed the animatic for Smooth Jason's story, and it's looking fab!
My job now its to continue with some additional character designs and mock up concepts for scenes!

So stay tuned! :)

8th Doctor Badge!

 Hello Who fans!

Just released I hadn't gotten round to showing you all the third and final Doctor Who badge I'd made!

If only Paul McGann had some kinda signature object then this one would have been easier to make, but anywhoo here it is. Alex's favourite Doctor's green velvet frock coat, waistcoat and cravat! 

Super Sculpey clay was used again to make this one, just like the 4th Doctor and 5th Doctor badges I showed you previously...

And again acrylic paint was used to add colour, though this time I had to do a bit of experimentation with metallic silver and gold paint to get the right colours for the cravat, waistcoat, and frock coat lapels! Then I made it super shiny with a couple coats of varnish.

It might be quite cool to continue this run of badges and make one for each of the Doctors! So y'never know, I may just make a few more of these knick-knacks if I've got the time! :D

Saturday, 21 April 2012

MAC music video - Animatic!!

It's been a long while since I've updated you all on the MAC animation project!
Well I can happily say that after several odd days spent scribbling away in photoshop and listening to the same track over and over and over and over, I finally have something to show you all!

I have just finished the Animatic for 'Let the Jury Sing'!!

So without further a-do...
(Apologies for the wonky embed! This video is also available to view on Vimeo!)

This project still has a long way to go yet; the character designs need developing with colour, scene concepts need to be done, dope sheets need to be written, and the additional SFX (which in the animatic are provided by free audio websites and are temporary for the purposes of the animatic) need to be properly recorded.
Not to mention actually properly animating the damn thing!

As it stands though, with the completion of the Animatic, this project has reached a nice point to be able to pause for a month or two while I take time to work on an opportunity that has come my way. A 5 page contribution to a comic anthology, though I'm afraid I can't say any more than that at the moment!

But all of you can remind yourselves of the character designs and storyboards done for this project so far right here

Also to learn more about the band, listen to more tracks and find out about upcoming gigs, visit the Mad Apple Circus website!!
(Note: The MAC logo and website text headers were provided by moi!)

Judge Dredd, created by Carlos Esquerra & John Wagner, is copyright Rebellion A/S

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing, Prologue LAUNCHING TODAY!!!

At 11.40 pm 100 years ago today the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg. Finally at 2.20 am she broke into two and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic with thousands of people still on board.
1517 lives were lost on a ship claimed by many to be unsinkable.

85 years later and the Doctor attends the opening night of Titanic: The Musical.

But what if history has changed? What if Titanic sailed right past the iceberg and made it to New York?

Maritime law may never have been re-written. Titanic herself could have served in the FirstWorld War. John Jacob Astor, co-founder of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, would have returned home safely and may never have allowed his hotel to move from its original location; on the corner of Fifth and Thirty-Fourth, where the Empire State Building sits proudly today.

This is New York 1997, and this is where our story begins.

This 5 page comic is a Prologue to the first of 5 issues of an original Doctor Who story. They are non-profit and purely fan fiction and are not endorsed in any way by the BBC, IDW Comics or Doctor Who Magazine (unfortunately).

The first complete issue will be coming soon, but in the meantime I shall continue to post updates, conceptual sketches and sneak peek panels right here for your enjoyment!

So if you enjoyed this, then please stay tuned!

If you missed all the sneaky peeks and behind the scenes goodies leading up to this release then you can catch up right here!

The Doctor and TARDIS designs © BBC 1963, 2005.
Dialogue fonts courtesy of Story and artwork © Alexander Beedie and Sara Dunkerton 2012. These pages are free to be viewed and shared but cannot be used, replicated or reproduced without permission of the creators.
Thank you!!

Friday, 13 April 2012

5th Doctor badge!

Hey there Whovians!
I said I had more for you lot on the Who-badge front!

So in light of it being Peter Davison's birthday today, I'll share with you my favourite Doctor's signature cricket hat and celery!

Happy Birthday to the 5th Doctor!! :D

Again this was made with Super Sculpey clay, using the same methods as with the 4th Doctor badge.

And as before painted with your bog standard acrylics (though this time I had to do a few extra coats of the white/cream colour to cover up the Sculpey pink!) and then varnished.

Yay for crickety-cricket stuff and decorative vegetables!! I shall wear this badge on my coat with pride!

I've made one more badge of Alex's favourite Doctor, he couldn't be left out. So once that one is painted to perfection, I'll post pics!

On a related note.....


Saturday the 14th April marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, but it also marks the launch of mine and Alex's fan made Doctor Who webcomic!

Tomorrow we will be launching the first 5 page Prologue to our 5 issue story which (as you might have guessed by the date we have chosen) has strong connections to the Titanic!

So, I'll see you back here tomorrow for the unveiling! :D

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Birthday Ian - 4th Doctor badge!

You may have noticed that I'm a huge Doctor Who nut, and I'm always happy to geek up my clothes so that people can't help but notice!
So I had an idea or two for a couple of Doctor Who badges!

One I've made as a birthday present for Ian, who's favourite Doctor is Tom Baker!
And here it is, the 4th Doctor's famous hat and scarf!!

I made it out of Super Sculpey clay, using Alex's 4th doctor figure and numerous online pictures for reference. Then attached a simple brooch clasp to the back with more sculpey, and popped it to bake and harden in the oven.

It's then simply painted with your standard water-based acrylics, with a few coats of varnish to prevent wear and damage to the paint!

I'm really rather pleased with the way this has turned out, so much so that I decided to make another for myself of my own favourite Doctor!

I'll post up pictures soon!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing - 1 week till online launch!!!

Hey there Who fans!

You should all know by now that I'm illustrating an unofficial fan made Doctor Who comic, titled The Impossible Crossing!
And if you'e been following these sneak peek posts and my tweeted/facebook updates you'll have gathered that this story has something to do with the Titanic...

Well, Titanic's 100th anniversary is fast approaching, and with it the launch of the first 5 page prologue of Impossible Crossing Issue one!

So with a week to go till Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing - Prologue is released on the 14th April, I thought it was high time that you all got another sneaky peek!
You've seen it before at it's pencilled and inked stages, here is the final panel on the last page of the prologue!

All 5 pages are drawn, coloured and lettered and the whole thing (including covers!!) is ready for your reading pleasure come April 14th!

Have a great Easter, and please stay tuned! :)