About me

Illustrator, Animator working within Bristol, UK.

My artistic career started with drawing short comic strips and creating cartoon characters in school, so I guess I have always had a clear idea of what I wanted to do.
I left school to pursue an art based career, with no strict idea which field to work in I decided to explore them all by doing the National Diploma in Fine Art at Strode College, Street.
It was during the final year where I discovered I was made for illustrating and animating. When writing my own brief for the final major project I thought about what I'd enjoy doing most, and it turns out what that was is exactly what I've carried on to do! Illustrate and Animate!
I carried this realisation through to university, where I did a BA (hons) in Illustration at the University of the West of England, Bristol. And now, having learnt a lot about myself and my work, I've graduated to chase the job I have wanted from the first time I set pencil to paper.



Projects (click a title to see work from the project)

-- Comics/Graphic Novels --

Unannounced Comic Project (In development)
Collaboration with writer, Matt Gibbs on a Graphic Novel.
More information to be released at a later date.

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing (In development)
Illustration for an unofficial Doctor Who fan comic, written by Alexander Beedie. The comic will be 5 issues long (22 pages per issue) with intentions for free online publishing.
--- Read Issue one online here!! ---

Into The Woods: A Fairytale Anthology. "Red Riding Hood" (October 2011)
Graphic Novel. Collaboration with writer Richard McAuliffe on a short 5 page story for an independent comic anthology collection, edited by Small Press Big Mouth's Stacey Whittle. Full anthology launching at Cardiff Comic Expo Feb 2012.
--- Available to buy here!! ---

Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein.  
- Four 1/4 page Illustrations (November 2011): RPG commission for 4 illustrations to be published in the second Dark Harvest book (Available to buy here!!)
- Six page intro comic titled "Resistance" (July 2011) written by Iain Lowson. Short print run of comic for the Dragonmeet Convention Nov 2011. Also to be published in the second Dark Harvest book.
- Two character concepts (Viewable on the Dark Harvest Website here) created by winners of the RPG's Create a Character Competition. Illustrations published online and originals awarded as prizes to the winners of the competition.

Sugar Glider Stories 2 (July 2011)
Graphic Novel. Collaboration with writer Daniel Clifford on a 3 page strip titled "Moving Day", part of the second collection of short stories surrounding the Sugar Glider series. Sugar Glider Stories 2 launching at Thought Bubble Nov 2011.
 --- Available to buy here!! --- 

Bayou Arcana: Volume one. Songs of Loss and Redemption.
"Promises" (November 2011)
Graphic Novel. Collaboration with writer Matt Gibbs on a 6 page story titled "Promises", to be collected as an anthology published by Markosia. Created and edited by James Pearson. Bayou Arcana launched at Bristol Expo 2012.
--- Available to buy here!! ---

Aegis (Personal project, in development/postponed)
Graphic Novel, Odyssey Novels. Collaboration with Ian Halverson and Alex Beedie.

Wolfsbane - working title (Personal project, in development/postponed)
Graphic Novel. Continuation of 3rd year university project. Story created by me, written by Alex Beedie.

-- Animation --

The Mad Apple Circus - Animated Music Video (Project no longer active)
Commissioned by local Bristol band; Mad Apple Circus to animate a music video to an original song "Let the Jury Sing".

Hairy Heroes (Project no longer active)
Commissioned by writer, Clive Pearce to work on a series of thirteen 3 minute animations based on his children's stories. Working in collaboration with fellow animator Laura Bartle.

Animated short for E4's rather lovely video competition.

-- Other Illustration --

Illustrations for Hey Presto Limited (May 2013)
8 colour illustrations commissioned by magic design company and book publishers Hey Presto Limited for a new product.

Illustrations for 'The Fruits of Labour' (October 2010)
Multiple illustrations to be used as props and decoration on set of the short independent film 'The Fruits of Labour'. 
Written and Directed by George Purves.