Thursday, 21 August 2014

Themed Portraits - Indian Shaman

Here's the latest Themed Portrait, Misha asked to be drawn as an Indian Shaman!
Who else thinks he needs to actually think about growing his hair out!? 

Loookin' good Misha!

From Superheroes to traditional characters. If you've got an idea for a Themed Portrait then please drop me an email at

Friday, 8 August 2014

Themed Portraits - Captain Canada and Peggy Carter

Guess what everyone!? Themed Portraits are back!

I'm back in business and taking commissions, to kick everything off here is a couples portrait of Henryk and Rhiannon as Captain Canada and Peggy Carter!

So if you'd like to see yourself as your favourite hero or villain, or you know someone who would, please get in touch! :)

For information on pricing and the types of portrait I offer, click here!

Minion Mayhem - Kevin!

Minion mayhem is gonna sweep this blog shortly as I've been asked to make a trio of the little yellow mischief makers!
So to get the ball rolling, here is Kevin!

The Minons should prove pretty straightforward to make, with their rounded bodies and simple colour scheme, Kevin here was no exception. I shall be building each minion up in the same way as I have with Kev, so I'll only go through the making process once. 
Here's how its done!


As with all my Needle Felted makes I begin with a sketch, in this case Kevin is the tallest of the three Minons that I'm going to be making, so I needed to plan to make sure they're all going to be in scale with one another. I started with a simple wire armature and loosely felted a core finer around it for his body, I then felted a yellow wool over this.

 Next I worked on shaping his body a little more and then felted wool around his wire arms.


I then felted his blue dungarees onto the lower half of his body and worked on the definition of the side pockets.


He was looking slightly legless, so it was time to add those next.


And then I worked on his goggles (or is it goggle if he only has one eye?) 
Firstly felt the grey base of the goggle separately leaving a raised ridge around the outside to accommodate his eye and then attach it to his body. Then you felt the black strap around his head followed by the grey attachments to the base either side to cover up the ends.


Next up are his feet, which are simply black balls of wool felted around the wire armature. This step may take a bit of tweaking and adding to to get him to stand without support.

And now his hands! The palms were done in a similar way to the feet, just balls of black wool felted around the armature, but fingers were all felted separated to the hand and attached one by one, possibly the trickiest part of this make. Once the cuffs of his gloves are added to cover the rough ends, his hands are done!

Finally we have the last few touches, Kevin's eye was just a ball of white wool felted into space inside the raised ridge we'd left and his iris and pupil are another couple of tiny balls of brown and black wool felted into position. Kevin's grumpy little frown is just another slim strand of black wool, as is the G logo on the front pocket of his dungaree's, which was felted separately and attached before the logo was placed. I also glued on a couple of small black beads for his buttons.

Lastly the hair is just a few strands of black cotton thread sewn into the top of his head and felted down a little to secure it in slightly. And there you have it!

 Dave and Stuart will be joining Kevin, so if you're a minion fan keep an eye out!

Pet Portraits - Rat Pack

My housemate and I share a slight rodent obsession... Whilst having breakfast and watching Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge the other morning we had all of our rats out to play!

Lizzie has three girls, a greedy Russian blue called Bolts, a mellow black rat called Nimbus and a little grey hooded mischief maker called Zinc. Then we have my two girls, Kaylee the fawn hooded with ruby eyes (who I've drawn previously) and River the powder blue dumbo. 

With all five rats running around I felt inspired to do a portrait of our little family!

I am currently open for commissions so if anyone would like a portrait of their pets (anything from cats and dogs to snakes and snails, it doesn't have to be a rodent!) then drop me an email at:

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Kaylee - Copic Colour Process

Apologies for the radio silence folks, I'm hoping to be able to pick things up a bit on this 'ol blog after having sorted out my life a bit!
Anyways, lets kick this off with the colour process I promised back along for the Pet Portrait I did of my rat Kaylee!
(Check out the full illustration here!)

Y28, BG10

Y28, BG10, BG15

BG93, BG96
B32, E57, E33

YR00, RV29, R35, R59
YR00, R02, E51, E33, W-1, W-3

R17, Y02, YG41, W-1, W-3
G21, YG67, G28

R02, YR68, YR04
R02, YR68, YR04, R17

R17, R46
R02, YR04, YR68, R17, R46, R59

W-1, W-3, Y02, YG91, G21