Saturday, 15 May 2010

Antinanco - Hunter

Antinanco is our Native American Hunter narrator. He is very young (only 19 years old) and inexperienced.
He looks up to and idolises the Warriors, hoping that someday he’ll be chosen to be one of them. He trains hard and is keen to impress the Alpha whenever he comes to inspect. He watches longingly when the Warriors ready themselves for battle and occasionally sneaks off in wolf form to watch.
This is when he sees what horrors they actually perform and his aspirations of becoming one of them are crushed.

He mirrors Private Thomas Hayworth, and his likeness is based on actor James Duval (aka Miguel Casse in Independance Day and Frank the bunny in Donnie Darko!)

There are only a few more characters to develop like this now (Colonel Webster, Lance Corporal Barnes and Warrior Cheveyo).

I have written an outline of the story and handed it over to my lovely boyfriend, who is by far a much better writer than me, and together we are scripting up the actual dialogue/panel/pages for the comic!! Enlisting the help of my boyfriend to write the comic allows me to concentrate on drawing (the part that I'm much suited for) and I can be roughing up pages and finalizing them while he continues to write! Exactly how it would work within the industry!!

So, shortly you shall see more than just character studies! Next I shall be able to tell you my story!

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