Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Themed Portraits - Woody and Cinderella

I've got another Christmas commission to share with you all!
This time is a bit of a Disney mash up, with Ian as Woody and Mich as Cinderella, coloured using copic markers.

If you'd like to see yourself as your favourite Disney character, or you know someone who would, then please get in touch:

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Pet Portraits - Monte

Here's another christmas present, this time a Pet portrait I did of my family's dog for my Dad.

Poor old Monte dog passed away in October and I thought it would be nice for Dad to have this on the wall to remember him. This illustration was done using pencil colours and is based on this photo that my sister took.

Themed Portraits - Ash Dodd

Here's another Themed Portrait for Christmas!
This one was a secret santa present for the anime obsessed Matt, who I've caricatured to look like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon.

Hope you liked it Matt!
If you know someone who'd like to see themselves as their favourite animated character, then get in touch!

Monday, 29 December 2014

Poirot Mouse

Here's another commission that follows the trend of mousifying characters!
Fellow Improper person, Chris Wildgoose commissioned a Poirot Mouse as a christmas present.


I'm undecided wether I like his meticulous whisker-tasche or his spats best!

Themed Portraits - Where's Wally!?

In the lead up to christmas I had been incredibly busy with loads of commissions but I've been unable to share any will you till now for fear of spoiling the surprise!

So let's begin the slew of post-Christmas blog posts with this Wally

I do get asked to draw some random things, I'm sure this is all part of some inside joke however the person it was intended for loved it!

If you know someone who'd like a portrait done of them then please get in touch!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Pet Portrait - Sunny and Maisy

Morning all,

Here's a look at a commission I've just finished for someone who wanted their lovely Labradors depicted together. 
I've wanted to begin doing Pet Portrait commissions for a while, so thank you Lucie! These gorgeous dogs were a delight to draw!

If you've a beloved pet you'd like a portrait of then just drop me an email:

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Totoro Earrings - Handmade Jewellery!

When I needle felted this trio of forest guardians you might have guessed I was a Totoro nut, well I've taken it one step further and done something I've been meaning to do for almost half a year!
I've made Totoro Earrings! :D

(Click here to see needle felted Totoro)

Some of you may have spotted me wearing this set of earrings at Thought Bubble last weekend, and I promised I'd be posting up a blog with photo examples and pricing for anyone who is interested.
Well this is what you've been waiting for!

Each stud is made out of coloured Fimo with the details painted on using acrylics and then varnished with a satin finish. The earring posts are silver Surgical Steel and the backs are soft clear plastic stoppers (as pictured further below).
Please make sure you are able to wear Surgical Steel before ordering, as of yet I do NOT have any Silver or Gold earring posts for those with sensitive ears. Sorry!

Totoro measures approx - 13mm tall x 10mm wide (at the tallest/widest points)
Chu Totoro measures approx - 10mm tall x 6mm wide
Chibi Totoro measures approx - 7mm tall x 5mm wide

I will be making these available as a set of three (6 earrings in total, 2 of each) or as individual pairs, so you can wear each as modelled above by me.

£6 Totoro pair
(not including postage)

£4 Chu Totoro pair
(not including postage)

£2 Chibi Toroto pair
(not including postage)

£10 Set of three 
2 of each pictured above, 6 earrings total.
(not including postage)

This is still in the very early stages at the moment so I shall only be taking on limited commissions and will be making them to order. 
So if you plan to give these as a christmas gift to someone, please get your orders in early!

If you are interested then just drop me an email:

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thought Bubble 2014

On the 15th-16th Nov I FINALLY made it to Thought Bubble!
I've spent 3-4 years hearing about how awesome it is, how it's the best con of the year in the UK and have been exceedingly jealous of those who have been. So you can imagine my excitement when I not only got to attend reputedly the best convention but also exhibit alongside some of the finest people in comics today!

But, did Thought Bubble 2014 live up to my high expectations?
Yes it bloody did! The colourful banners, the pretty pretty books, the amazing cosplay and the sheer number of creative, friendly, excited and talented people flooding the halls. I felt excited to be a part of it!

Not to mention those wonderful Improper People I shared the table with; Ben Read and Laura Trinder, who were launching their beautiful new book Night Post. Bevis Musson who brought along Dead Queen Detectives and his portfolio containing original pages from Knight and Dragon. Chris Wildgoose, who was never without a line of people eagerly waiting for an original sketch in their copies of Porcelain or Butterfly Gate. And of course my partner in crime Matt Gibbs, who was signing copies of MULP with me.

Our table also boasted the new Porcelain: Bone China preview, which we were handing out to everyone for free, as well as an example of the shiny french hardcover edition of Porcelain, published by Delcourt! Chris also had some limited edition A3 Porcelain prints and I had my Jack Redpath and Jeanne Moreau prints.

As always, once the con got going I fell into my trend of doodling mice! And as always I gave certain characters a mousey makeover, this time however the inspiration for these were drawn from what was immediately available and given as convention prezzies to my table buddies. So a mousified Lady from Bone China riding Gog or Magog was given to Ben. Marie Antoinette Mouse sat atop a victoria sponge was of course from Bevis' DQD. And an iddy mouse Night Postman was for Laura in celebrating the launch of her book!

To say I thoroughly enjoyed myself is an understatement, I got to reconnect with friends I haven't seen in years, as well as catch up with those I've caught at conventions throughout the course of this year! Not to mention speaking with the amazingly lovely people who stopped by our table to pick up copies of our books, thank you all! :)

My Leeds experience was topped off by a quick 3 hour (I totally could have spent longer!) trip to the Royal Armouries Museum before our train home on Monday, where amongst so many sources for inspiration (I totally want to draw medieval and samurai mice) I found Jack's Webley Fosbery revolver.

Dan and I got to try our hands at firing a Lee Enfield rifle (which Genevieve uses in MULP: Sceptre of the Sun #1) on a virtual shooting range. And I proved to be a dead shot with a crossbow (once I'd gotten my eye in..)

Thought Bubble marked the last of the conventions I will be attending this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed being on the other side of the table in this, my first year of exhibiting at conventions and eagerly await next year when MULP: Sceptre of the Sun #2 will be available!
See you all soon!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Zulu Mouse

Following the Soufflé Mouse commission I did in the lead up to the Lakes Comic Arts Festival, I was asked to produce something similar for Colin Mathieson, Accent UK contributor and Zulu nut!

Colin is the creator of ZULU, his own comic centred around the Rorke's Drift battle from the perspective of the Zulu warrior, you can read a bit more about it here. So what else would be request than a mousey Zulu warrior in action!

It was lovely to meet you this weekend Colin and thank you for the wonderful request, it was a lot of fun to do!

Cyberpunk Mice

Good friends of mine and fellow rodent lovers, Cy Dethan and Nic Wilkinson (creators of Cancertown, Slaughterman's Creed and White Knuckle), requested a Mousey makeover with a Cyberpunk theme in the follow up to Thought Bubble this weekend. 

So here are Cy as a Solo from Cyberpunk 2020 and Nic as a Netrunner, with church ruins in the background to commemorate their anniversary in December!  

I really had a lot of fun with this one and totally got tied up in all the little details, hopefully you'll never even notice that I'm not actually all the familiar with cyberpunk at all! *shhh*

Thanks for the awesome request guys and it was fantastic to catch up with you at Thought Bubble this weekend! :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

More Minion Mayhem - Dave

If you remember a couple of months back the Minion Kevin made a needle felted appearance on my blog?
Well he's since been joined by Dave!

Here's how he looks in the fuzzy flesh.

I made this little guy using the exact same steps as I used to make Kevin, so I shan't be posting a step by step guide. However if you'd like a reminder of how the minions are made click here!

Kevin and Dave have since gone off to serve their new masters, however they were kind enough to take a couple of photos of the two of them causing mayhem at work! Bananaaaaaaaa!