Tuesday, 25 May 2010

OatPC final compilation for the Degree Show

This is the finished final version of the Owl and the Pussy Cat Adventures that will be playing at my Degree Show in June.

I decided to bring the two episodes; Fog and Snow together into one film to allow for a more unified look/feel, that will show off my animator-y skills at their best for any potential clients or employers that may be scouting the show.

Though it meant I had to tweak and re-work some things to ensure continuity between the two episodes.
The things that have been altered are: the re-design of the boat and transparency of the waves from Fog have been adapted into Snow, along with a different night-time background.
And as a little extra touch the lantern in the Cat's paw in Fog now sways to the boat's movement.

I'd just like to say a little thanks to Chris for her never ceasing criticism, Arril for his unmatched knowledge and advise, and Ian for his patience and life saving genius with computers! Cheers guys!

So, without further a-do...

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