Monday, 26 September 2011

Dark Harvest, winners of the Create A Character competition!!

Hey Prometheans!!

The winning characters for Dark Harvest's Create A Character Competition have just officially been put up on the DH website for all you to view stats and specifics and use in the RPG!!

To view the page for Richard's Character: Senior Mechanician Smylzo Kaldu Click here
And for Johann Sitorius created by Mike, Click here

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bayou Arcana - Page 5 preview!!

Howdy all swamp folk!!

I'm now very close to the end, only one more page left to draw and colour before all the art for "Promises" is complete!!!

I've got some time off work for the next week or so and am hoping to reach the end of not only this comic, but Red Riding Hood too!! (I've only 2 pages left to complete for RRH!!)
That'll then leave only the lettering to finish up whilst I make a start on developing visuals for another couple projects waiting in the wings!

But for now though here are a couple panels from page 5 of "Promises" to tie you over!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Doctor doodles - 8th Doctor

I've drawn this little sketch of Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor in light of a project thats waiting in the wings till I have more free time.
Alex Beedie, my boyfriend, has had a superb idea for a Doctor Who story rattling around in his brain for far too long. It's high time he got it out on paper, and he's currently doing so in the form of a comic script!!
Who better to illustrate it other than the artist he currently has sitting in the same room as him!? Being a Writer/Artist couple and big Who fans, it makes sense that we should work together on this. We've plans to publish this as a free download online...

So look out for more to do with this project in the future!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dark Harvest, Create a Character: Johann Sitorius

This post marks the 2nd winning character of the Dark Harvest Create a Character competition. Created by Mike, I present Johann Sitorius!

Johann is a wonderfully complicated character; a Scientist researching electrical engineering, within the same field as Nikola Tesla, under the employ of Frankenstein's people. He's both fascinated and appalled by the medical advances under Frankenstein's reign.
He carries around pocketfuls of delicate electrical tools, Tesla Coils and a Keuffel and Esser Co. slide rule.

The original sketch for one of these drawings here, and a sketch for the previous character Smylzo Kaldu, shall be winging it's way to both Richard and Mike.
Well done guys for creating such fantastic characters and I hope I've managed to capture your visions with my drawings!

Happy Birthday Malwina!!!

This is just a little sketch I did for one of my best friends at work, it was her 21st birthday a few days ago.

Shes a big Wall.E fan!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Dark Harvest, Create a Character: Senior Mechanician Smylzo Kaldu

A while ago Dark Harvest held a Create a Character Competition, inviting fans of the RPG to send in ideas for an original character to be officially integrated into the RPG cast!

Two winners have been selected and I have been asked to take their characters and bring them to life on paper! The final character concepts will be published on the Dark Harvest website and a print of my work will be given to each winner!
So without further a-do, I present to you the 1st winning character: Senior Mechanician Smylzo Kaldu!

This fantastic character was created by Richard, who went into such brilliant detail in his description (and even sourced some very very helpful images) that it wasn't at all hard to visualise Smylzo Kaldu.
So easy in fact that I came up with 3 sketches! In each sketch he is holding one of various effects his carries around; a deck of loaded Tarot Cards, a large handmade Masterwork watch, a custom case containing his Watchmaker's Lathe, and a silver Maria-Theresa Austrian Thaler coin.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Women in Comics Spotlight!!

A while ago I got an email from the lovely gals at asking for me to answer a few questions for a possible Spotlight feature in the future!!
Being only a year out of uni and keeping busy with various comic projects, it's awesome to be on the upcomming UK female comic creator's radar!! And so I was really flattered to be asked to contribute some words.

I became aware only yesterday that they had posted up my Spotlight mention on the website!! :D

You can check out my little claim to fame right here!