Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Themed Portraits - Woody and Cinderella

I've got another Christmas commission to share with you all!
This time is a bit of a Disney mash up, with Ian as Woody and Mich as Cinderella, coloured using copic markers.

If you'd like to see yourself as your favourite Disney character, or you know someone who would, then please get in touch:

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Pet Portraits - Monte

Here's another christmas present, this time a Pet portrait I did of my family's dog for my Dad.

Poor old Monte dog passed away in October and I thought it would be nice for Dad to have this on the wall to remember him. This illustration was done using pencil colours and is based on this photo that my sister took.

Themed Portraits - Ash Dodd

Here's another Themed Portrait for Christmas!
This one was a secret santa present for the anime obsessed Matt, who I've caricatured to look like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon.

Hope you liked it Matt!
If you know someone who'd like to see themselves as their favourite animated character, then get in touch!

Monday, 29 December 2014

Poirot Mouse

Here's another commission that follows the trend of mousifying characters!
Fellow Improper person, Chris Wildgoose commissioned a Poirot Mouse as a christmas present.


I'm undecided wether I like his meticulous whisker-tasche or his spats best!

Themed Portraits - Where's Wally!?

In the lead up to christmas I had been incredibly busy with loads of commissions but I've been unable to share any will you till now for fear of spoiling the surprise!

So let's begin the slew of post-Christmas blog posts with this Wally

I do get asked to draw some random things, I'm sure this is all part of some inside joke however the person it was intended for loved it!

If you know someone who'd like a portrait done of them then please get in touch!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Pet Portrait - Sunny and Maisy

Morning all,

Here's a look at a commission I've just finished for someone who wanted their lovely Labradors depicted together. 
I've wanted to begin doing Pet Portrait commissions for a while, so thank you Lucie! These gorgeous dogs were a delight to draw!

If you've a beloved pet you'd like a portrait of then just drop me an email: