Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Private Thomas Hayworth

, Now that I've got a few of the Native American characters down, it is time to explore the British soldier characters.

Meet Private Thomas Hayworth, he is a fresh faced 23 year old soldier just out of the academy. The care of Newfoundland during the winter months, when our story takes place, is his first assignment. The story will be narrated by characters of mirroring status within their community, whether it be British army or Native American tribe, and Tom is going to be one of the narrators to tell the story from the Brit's point of view. He will be the one to introduce the story to us, as he is new to the situation in Newfoundland we will learn as he learns.
Although Tom is at the bottom rung of the party of soldiers that have been sailed to the island, he is enthusiastic and cheery, though slightly impressionable and naive, but his heart is in the right place!

His likeness is based on actor Sean Murray, aka Timothy McGee in NCIS.

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