Monday, 9 May 2016

Mother and Daughter Pen and Ink Portrait

Morning Everyone!

The Blog has been a bit quiet while I've been working feverishly on MULP: Sceptre of the Sun issue #3, which is coming along nicely with about half of the pages left to colour!

Today though I wanted to share with you a commission that I was asked to do a few months back as a present for a friend's mum. She's recently had her birthday so I am now able to post it up here.

This is probably one of my favourite pen and ink portraits to date; Lucy and her mum.

This commission is A4 sized and done using a traditional pen and ink outline with tonal wash.

If you know a family member or a friend who'd like a black and white portrait like this do get in touch, however as I am currently working to finish issue #3 of MULP I will not be taking commission requests until mid-June!!