Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Pet Portraits - Mel and Wesley

Morning all!

Yesterday I hinted that there had been a recurring theme in recent commission requests, so today I'm pleased to be sharing another very special pet portrait with you.

Commissioned by that there Tom Curry as a lasting memorial to his parent's gorgeous dogs, Mel the Greyhound and Wesley the Whippet. Here they are featured together in this traditional pencil colour portrait.

Thanks Tom for the opportunity to draw these two stunning pooches for your folks, I hope they like it!

This commission is A4 landscape in size and done using colouring pencils.

If you know someone who would love a some original art featuring their beloved pets then get in touch: sara-dunkerton@hotmail.com

Monday, 17 June 2019

Pet Portraits - Beautiful Bess

Good Morning everyone!

I've had a couple of commissions come through with very similar themes, the one I will be sharing with you today was an utter pleasure to draw.

Bess the spaniel was the beloved pet of Anne and Brian, who lost her quite suddenly on the 1st June. I was asked to commemorate her through a traditional pencil portrait, and what a beautiful girl she was!

Goodbye Bess, you will be sorely missed by your whole family.

This portrait is A4 in size and done using colouring pencils.

If you also have a beloved pet you would like to have a lasting memorial of, then please drop me an email: sara-dunkerton@hotmail.com