Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Pet Portraits - UPDATE and even more Maisie

Hey there everyone!

Apologies it's been so long since my last post, returning to work and caring for a new puppy has been keeping me very busy indeed!

Lupin is now almost 14 weeks old and is growing rapidly. His training is coming along nicely, he's going out for daily walks and is good both on and off lead, and I think we've cracked overnight toileting too! *Touch wood!*

Here's a pic just because...

I hasten to add that my partner has been working from home and so is able to look after Lupin while I have been at work! On that note, work itself has presented it's own challenges and frustrations since returning. Retail can be difficult at the best of times but it's even more so right now, thankfully though we've had word that some of the staff still on furlough will be allowed to return soon!
We had been operating with only half the full team in order to reduce exposure amongst the staff, this in turn meant we were all putting in a lot of over-time to cover the hours! However with more staff available to work I will have more days off in the week allowing me the mental space away from the stresses of work to catch up on drawing comics and commissions!!

Speaking of which, there was one more commission I had wanted to share with you!
A recent favourite of this blog makes a return in today's post with yet another portrait in her memory.

Maisie the beloved Black Labrador had 3 unique portraits commissioned, one each for her family members to remember her by, this portrait is the last in that series. You can view the other two portraits here and here.
Without further ado, in memory of Maisie her final portrait...

Just like the others in the series, this portrait is A4 in size and coloured using pencil colours in traditional style. Here is a photo of all three portraits together

If you were looking to commission me for a portrait of your beloved pet pooch, just like these then please get in touch to discuss. As I explained at the beginning of this post I will hopefully be able to commit more time to commissions again very soon!

Monday, 22 June 2020

Pet Portraits - More Maisie

Hey there Everyone!

Hope you all had a good week and are keeping yourselves occupied whilst Lockdown continues!

I've reached a new stage in what we call the "New Normal"...
The shop where I work part-time re-opened it's doors on the 15th June along with many other non-essential retailers. We've opened with reduced staff numbers so although myself and a few others are back to work, about half of the staff remain on furlough in order to maintain social distancing in our small store. This means that although my contract is part-time I'm now working full time hours!
This first week back has been quite a shock to the system, as we're not only adjusting to returning to work for long hours but also to enforcing the new safety measures customers and staff are required to adhere to.

On top of all this, Dan and I welcomed home a new member of our family on Saturday 13th!

This golden haired bundle of cuteness is our 8 week old, male Labrador puppy called Lupin!
We've created an Instagram account for him, so if you'd like to see how he's settling in in his first week home, and keep up with his adventures, give him a follow!

With all of this going on I've been delayed in posting this next pet portrait in this little series commemorating the beloved Maisie.

So from one lab to another here's that beautiful old girl in her second pet portrait.


This portrait, like the others, is A4 in size and coloured using colouring pencils.
If you missed the first portrait you can check it out here!

I'm going to be taking limited commission requests while I am working full-time and also caring for my young pup. If you are interested in commissioning me at this time please take into consideration that your original art could take longer than usual to complete, especially if you intend to give it as a gift for a birthday or anniversary.
Thank you!

Friday, 12 June 2020

Themed Portraits - The Croods!

Morning Everyone!

Today I'm sharing a commission that was very fun to do, and gave me an opportunity to use pretty much every copic marker colour I own!

Mike, Molly and their girls are big fans of the Dreamworks animated film; the Croods! So here we have probably the most colourful themed portrait I've done to date!

This caricatured family portrait is A3 in size and coloured using Copic Markers.

Monday, 8 June 2020

Pet Portraits - In memory of Maisie

Morning Everyone!

The other week I was asked if I could draw a series of portraits of the beloved black Labrador, Maisie.

Maisie had actually featured on this blog once before, many years ago, with her best pal Sunny. They were in fact one of the first pet portraits I'd ever done!! (click here to check it out)
So when her human told me that unfortunately Maisie had been ill for a little while I was both touched and honoured to help build a lasting memory of this special pup!

Sadly, the day that I completed this portrait Maisie passed away...
This makes this portrait, and the ones to follow, even more special. Though I never met Maisie I felt that I knew her, I grew up with Labs and have a huge fondness for the breed.

Thank you very much Lucie and family for asking me to draw these for you guys, I really feel your loss and am immensely touched to be the one commemorating her in these portraits. 

Goodbye Maisie, you will be sorely missed!

This portrait is A4 in size and coloured traditionally using colouring pencils.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Lost Boys Commission

Hey there Everyone!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you a commission I had LOADS of fun with!

Some of you may remember my Inktober 2019 attempt, where I used to official Inktober prompts combined with a horror movie theme and created illustrations in black ink, copic colour and whiteout for every day in October last year.

Well following that challenge I received a request from a friend who had been following my Inktober progress. She too is a horror film fan and wished to see my take on her favourite horror film in this same style!
And so back in Feb I did this Chucky commission for her!

Since then she has felt that Chucky has looked a little lonely hung on her wall by himself and decided that she'd like to own a series of these illustrations featuring more of her favourite horror and thriller films! Which leads me onto today's post!

Say Hello to the night, it's our favourite Lost Boy; David!
Played by Keifer Sutherland in the iconic vampire film Lost Boys

Just like the Chucky commission I did, this one is also 20cm x 20cm and coloured using Copic Markers with whiteout for lightlights!

If you want to check out the my Inktober attempt that inspired this commission then have a scroll of my Instagram feed:
Or my Facebook page:

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

PAWS for THAWT is officially BACK!

Shortly after Lockdown started I set myself the challenge of getting as far through the Insanity Workout as I could...

And today I completed it!!

In light of that I thought I’d share this strip to kick off the revival of Paws for Thawt! Insanity is 63 days of tough workouts, some days it was really difficult to find the motivation to power through. However by taking it one step at a time, rather than getting overwhelmed, you can accomplish anything! The same can be applied to a lot of other things which are going on right now... Stay safe everyone!

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Monday, 1 June 2020


Hey there Everyone!

Yes, that's right!
My little webcomic will be returning to it's weekly Tuesday post as of tomorrow, 2nd June!

For those of you who missed my previous blog post announcing this news (or had trouble reading it because of the technical difficulties and squiffy orientation! Thanks for your patience with that btw!) let me re-cap briefly.

While the country has been on Lockdown I've been keeping myself sane by picking up where I'd left off with Paws for Thawt! I had to put this weekly web comic on hiatus as I couldn't maintain regular updates alongside working on the final issue of MULP: Sceptre of the Sun, I had to prioritise MULP. Despite a short break turning into radio silence for a long period, I was still noting down funny moments and ideas for strips with the intention of picking Paws for Thawt up again when I had the time and motivation.
Well, isn't Lockdown the perfect opportunity to find that time and motivation for a project such as this!? And with the help of Peter Duncan and his SPLANK! 2020 Annual I've been able to get Paws for Thawt back off the ground!

The special digital edition of the SPLANK! Annual 2020 launched on Thursday 28th May!
This all ages anthology collects over 160 pages of amazing comics from a wealth of indie talent and it is available to download for FREE!

Get your copy using these links:

Box of Rain Magazine website - Scroll down to "Download Links".
Get My Comics website - Scroll down to SPLANK! and click the image.

As the PDF is full to the brim with amazing content, please allow a little time for the download to complete.
If you would prefer to flick through the comic's pages before deciding whether to download the whole thing, then you can read it online for a limited time here:
Read Online Here!

Since SPLANK! hit the web it has created a bit of a buzz!
Check out what various news and review sites are saying about it! - Launch cover
Our friends at Downthetubes, who have posted reviews of MULP: Sceptre of the Sun, once again step up to cover the launch of SPLANK! in the fantastic all you need to know article

Bear Alley Comic Cuts - Interview with Peter Duncan
Steve Holland of Comic Cuts interviews Peter Duncan, editor of SPLANK! via video chat about his motives behind the digital launch of the annual. - Behind the Scenes Creating SPLANK!
Peter Duncan writes an exclusive behind the scenes account of putting together SPLANK and his drive for awareness for the work of the NHS and the charity he hopes to promote.

If you'd like to contribute to Peter's Just Giving page and help support our NHS, follow the link below:
SPLANK! Just Giving page

Amongst the pages of SPLANK! 2020 you will find featured a few Paws for Thawt strips!
One old, one completely new and the other this pin-up I created to join in the community spirit of the SPLANK! annual and give a shout out to the phenomenal efforts of all our Key Workers during this difficult time!

A BIG thank you to the real heroes of our nation!

You can read all previous Paws for Thaw strips right here:

And you can follow Paws for Thawt over on instagram @pawsforthawt

Don't forget to stay tuned to these sites for the first strip in Paws for Thawt's return 
coming tomorrow, 2nd June!