Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jelly Baby!? (& Update!!)

Hellooo my lovelies!!
Boy, have I been busy!!

In my last post I told of how I'd just finished all the art for "Promises" and was well on the way to finishing Red Riding Hood!

Well, since then I've not only completed all art for Red Riding Hood, but I've completely completed it! Yup, all 5 pages are drawn, toned and lettered ready to print! Thats another comic under my belt, Oh Yeah!!
I'll post updates of the whole Into The Woods anthology as of when I hear more news, and hopefully'll be able to show you some RRH art if, I'm allowed!!!
So stay tuned!!!

Progress on Bayou Arcana "Promises" at the moment is pretty much where I left it with you last time.. I'm currently waiting for the word on wether or not licenses for fonts need to be bought, or if we can use the free fonts... I'm not at all good with the legal stuff so I'm making sure we've covered all out bases before going ahead.
But I'm ready and raring to make a start on the lettering as soon as I get a green light! And maybe, just maybe a lettered page might be revealed! :)

At the moment though I've been catching up with a commission thats been put on the back-burner for quite some time now...
Before Dark Harvest's Iain Lowson involved me in his idea for the RPG intro comic: "Resistance", he approached me about four 1/4 B+W Illustrations for the next Dark Harvest book! I took on the commission and completed the roughs (which you can see here!) and then had to put it on hold while I completed "Resistance" in time for the deadline!
Currently I've just finished the 2nd illustration and will tackle the 3rd next weekend.
I'm also in talks with Iain about possibly giving you all a sneaky peek at said illustrations once all four are complete! So defiantly watch out for that!! :D

Lastly I have been collecting images and researching like a crazy person!
All in readiness to start a couple of very exciting projects that are waiting patiently in the wings. Once I've finished all current Bayou Arcana and and Dark Harvest commitments I shall be totally set to scribble away to my hearts content!
One project is a collaboration with my Bayou Arcana writer, Matt Gibbs. and the other I briefly mentioned before (click here to be reminded) was a team up with my boyfriend, Alex Beedie on a fab Doctor Who Story!!

So with the promise of LOADS of artwork to come, I think it's only fair that I doodle something for you now!!

This quick sketch was inspired by a morning spent listening to Alex watching a youtube video featuring clips of Tom Baker saying "Would you like a Jelly Baby?" in various episodes, and then an evening spent taking screen shots of Paul McGann in the Movie. Which resulted in a MASSIVE craving for Jelly Babies!!
So much so that I had to rush out and by a bag to be able to concentrate on drawing!!!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Bayou Arcana - THE FINAL PAGE!!!!

This is it! All 6 pages of "Promises" are drawn and coloured!!!!

The deadline for all the Bayou Arcana stories to be collected is January, so that leaves me plenty of time to letter at my leisure! :)

As far as my two week holiday goal goes, I'm very nearly there.. only one more page of Red Riding Hood to draw and tone before that comic is ready for lettering too!!
Once both those comics are all completely completed I'll have 4 short stories under my belt! Whoop Whoop!!

Right now though I'll leave you lot to wonder over why poor Alice is so sad! :P
Here's your sneaky peek at page 6!
Enjoy! :D