Monday, 30 December 2013

First look at my latest comic!

Just after Christmas I reached a comic milestone and finished colouring the final page of the first instalment of a project I've been working on with writer, Matt Gibbs (Bayou Arcana, Promises. Improper Books, Knight and Dragon).
We've been keeping information about this project under our hats, but anyone following my twitter would have got a sense of how in love with this comic I am by my excited but vague exclamations (and teases) every time I settle down to work on it!

It's been a long time in the making and according to the dates of my scanned files I had completed pencils for the first page back in January this year, and it was back in November 2011 when I drew the very first character concept!

To top off my excitement over having finished the final page of issue one Matt has given a sneaky peek reveal of a panel from our comic in his Best of the Year 2013 blog for Forbidden Planet International! (Be sure to check out his top picks of the past year!)
So before my excitement boils over, here is that panel and the first look at what we've been keeping secret for so long!

We'll be revealing more about our anthropomorphic, pulp adventure comic in the New Year during the lead up to the launch at my home convention at Bristol in May! So watch this space!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Themed Portraits - Hellboy Portrait commish

Here's another Christmas commission!

Iain commissioned this themed portrait for his wife who is a big Hellboy fan. Here she stands as the pyrokinetic Liz Sherman with Abe and Red himself!

Inspired by my recent experiments with Copic Markers, Iain gave me the opportunity to put my new found skills into practise! I'm quite pleased with the result!


If you know someone who would love to see themselves rubbing shoulders with their favourite comic or film characters, then get in touch!

For information on pricing and the types of portrait I offer, click here!
Please note that the pricing for Copic Marker commissions vary from the original price list.

Themed Portraits - Magneto and Mystique

Finally I can share with you some christmas present commissions!

This one was commissioned by Charlotte as a present to her boyfriend, who is a massive Magneto fan! I'm totally loving how she has embraced the blue skin!
Happy Christmas to the both of you!

If you would like to see yourself as your favourite hero or villain, or you know someone who would, please get in touch!

For information on pricing and the types of portrait I offer, click here!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Themed Portraits - Beauty and the Beast

Here's the latest themed portrait!
Given as an early christmas present yesterday, it's a bit of an odd request, probably the most odd I've had so far... but I think it's a beaut!

John and his girlfriend re-enact a tale as old as time as Beauty and the Beast.

These portrait's don't stop at cartoons! If you'd like to see yourself as a caricatured as your favourite cartoon character, then get in touch!

For information on pricing and the types of portrait I offer, click here!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

TMNT - Copic Colour Process

Here's another breakdown of the colouring process for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle illustration I did, with notes on which pens I used.

YG91, E43, E47
G21, G94
E57, E47, E49
E47, E77
E33, Y28
E47, E57, E33, C-5, C-1
Y38, YR04, R46, R59, B32, B05, BG17, V17

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Shaak Ti - Copic colour process

As with Abe Sapien and Beast, I have for you a stage by stage breakdown of the colouring process I used for Shaak Ti with notes on which pens I used!

Y38, R17
Y38, R17, E08
W-7, W-3, W-1, B97, B93
C-1, BG10, RV95, W-1
E57, E43
W-7, W-5, E43, E47, E57
C-5, C-1, W-1, W-3, W-5
E49, E77, E57
B32, BG10, G21, G02

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Beast - Copic colour process

I'm skipping over the colouring process for Nightcrawler and hopping straight to Beast, simply because I got so carried away with colouring his 'Crawler's Bamf cloud I didn't take enough photos to make a process post worthwhile!

With Beast I really wanted to experiment with creating a hairy/furry look with the copics, so it was less about colour blending and more about building layers and a thickness with the same tonal range. For a reminder of the final picture, click here!

B32, B93, B95

B32, B93, B95
B32, B93, B95

B32, B93, B95
B32, B93, B95, B97

B32, B93, B95, B97
B32, B93, B95, B97

W-3, W-5, W-7, Y02, Y08, Y38, YR68
W-1, W-3, W-5, W-7, Y28, E57, E77, BG10

Friday, 15 November 2013

Abe Sapien - Copic colour process

Hey there folks,

Following my recent spree of posts featuring awesome pop culture characters coloured with Copic Markers, I've had a bit of interest in how I coloured them and which pens I used.
I don't pretend to be an expert with Copics and I've a lot to learn, which is why while colouring each illustration I took photos of each stage with the pens I used, purely to remind myself how in the heck I did it!
Since I mentioned this I've been urged to blog these photos, so I'll start at the beginning with my first ever Copic venture. Here is how I coloured Abe Sapien.

B97, B93
BG10, B32
BG10, B32
BG10, B32 
BG10, B32
B32, BG15, BG49, BG93 
B32, BG10, BG15, BG93
BG15, BG93 
BG15, BG10, B32, B93, B97
BG10, B32
BG10, BG15, BG93, B32
V91, YR00, YG91 
V91, V95, YR00, YG91
V91, V95, Y28, B93, B97, BV29 
W-3, W-5, E43, E57
BV29, BV1
BG10, B32, B93