Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Lt. James Bishop

This is Lieutenant James Arthur Bishop.
James has seen war before, he knows what it does to people and he doesn't like it. Although he is older and more experienced than the active Captain he has not moved up the military ranks, preferring to remain Lieutenant and provide support for the soldiers in the field who look to him for guidance.
Despite this however his word is respected and his opinion often called for during tactical discussions by the Colonel, much to the displeasure of the Captain.
James likes to also disassociate himself from his authority and rank over the other soldiers in the field, the bitter winter weather of Newfoundland gives him an excuse to wear a long overcoat that is not necessarily military standard issue, therefor hiding his Lieutenant's uniform. He only appears in full standard dress in front of his superior, the Colonel. He also rarely ever wears his tricorne hat...

In my story each side will intentionally mirror the other, this being so the Lieutenant will be the British equivalent of the Native American's Beta; Nashoba. James is also the one who proposes to talk and arrange a truce with the Native American tribe, meeting occasionally with Nashoba to exchange tributes.

James' likeness is based on that of Liam Neeson.

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