Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Summer Doodles

Recently I have been rather relaxed in my approach to art making.. I blame the atmosphere at home with my family. It puts me in mind of days when I was at school and would put playing PS2 games, riding my bike and reading in front of anything pro-active curricular/career wise.
It's a habit I need to snap out of!
So to help me kick the habit I have decided to try and keep up a run of semi-daily doodles, these should help me warm up and get my creative juices flowing to allow me to get on with some of the many projects I have on the go!!

So to get the ball rolling I have 2 images for you! I spent no longer than roughly 45mins on each.
This first one is what I was up to on Monday 9th August. The title of the post says Summer Doodles, but y'know this pic here would be rather familiar to any British summer!
One thing I love about being here in my family's house is that it's out in the middle of the countryside... not great if your a teen with the need to socialize, but perfect if you need to get out and just ride on your bike to get away from it all! At Bristol, with the busy roads, it's difficult to enjoy a decent bike ride without the fear of cars and busses cutting you up!
So Monday I decided to get out and trace my old bike route through the village, though I really should have paid attention to the forecast.. needless to say I got a little wet...

This second doodle was for today's antics, and just goes to show how... surprising a British summer can be! It really was a perfect day, and I found myself falling asleep while reading a book and sunbathing in the back garden. Oh, and to be sure a couple hours after this I defiantly made the most of today's better cycling weather!

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