Thursday, 12 August 2010

Optometrists commission - Sketches

A while back now I mentioned that I was asked by my neighbors in Bristol, who recently bought a second property for their optician's practice, to design something to be painted onto the shutters covering the shop front.
Unsure as to how I would undertake this task as it is not the most typical form of illustration, I have decided to treat it as a a typical Illustration promoting the practice and then adapt it to the shutters.
This way, if Lynne and Gereard decide to, a decent print will also be available to place inside the shop (rather than a photo of the work) and I'll also have something more for my portfolio!

So here is my initial idea!
(please click to enlarge!!)

Okay there is lot of smudgy pencil there... so, let me talk you through it!
I've selected four types of spectacles usually associated with certain types of people; so you have the small rectangular frames for the sleek businessman, big round frames for children, large frames (possibly bi-focals) for the elderly, and thick framed designer specks for those trendy people.
The locations behind each person reflect their personality, and are also Bristol landmarks!! The businessmen are at Temple Meads, behind the children and the old lady is the Suspension Bridge, and the young lady with her shopping bags is in Cabot Circus!

Now as you can see there are glasses drawn over the picture, the idea behind them is that your looking through the lenses at the people that they belong to. The areas outside of the glasses will be either blurred or mono-tone, and the areas where you'll be looking through at the world will be in full colour!

Here are some more rough sketches.

The next thing to consider will be exactly how well this idea can be adapted to metal shutters, and to research what materials would be best to use when painting on them!

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