Monday, 2 August 2010

Sick Wax Album cover - Sketches

Last friday I attended this wedding and while listening to Sick Wax (the bride's son's band) play, I sat at one of the tables doodling on a scrap of paper. Afterwards I got chatting to Sam Wilson (guitarist/singer in the band and my boyfriend's cousin) and I half-jokingly said that I should do his album covers!
Sam it turns out was actually looking for someone to do just that and briefly told me about the idea he had for his next album. He envisioned it to have a Judge in full black robes with the long white wig, begging, with loads of homeless people carrying blue plastic bags walking on past.

So here I have sketched out a couple of ideas based around that description.
The Judge's pose from the first drawing is inspired by the very very end of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the Judge is flat out begging with is wig out in front of him for money to be thrown in.
However it didn't think it was instantly obvious with this pose that it is a Judge who is begging, so I tried a different angle with the second drawing. The Judge sat holding a sign saying "Don't judge me!" and his court hammer, being viewed from between the legs of the passing homeless crowd.

Before taking these sketches any further I'll discuss them with Sam, see if he has any comments for improvement or things to add, etc. The style and colour will also need to be considered, I reckon it's important for the look of the illustration to reflect their style of music!
Another concern is the text, wether the band already has a logo for their name or if I'm free to work it into the illustration, also is there a name for the album to be placed on the front also....

Just for fun, here is a quick snapshot of the doodles I was doodling of the band as they were playing!

Keep posted for developments!!

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  1. Like the idea bt not that type o illustration - sthg clear, simple yet quirky & crisp wd suit this band more...