Friday, 13 August 2010

Clowning Around!

Today's doodles have been supplemented for some Clown character designs for another comic I am currently working on: Aegis!
This comic is set within a multicultural, Victorian mutant circus! The acts may appear to be just acts to the watching audience, but back stage they know that the Trapeze artists can really fly, the Lion tamer is "taming" an animorph and the blind Knife Thrower, who has extra-sensory abilities is throwing knives at his totally impervious assistant!

These Clowns may appear your average run of the mill funny guys... but are those fake noses? Are they wearing masks to hide mutant deformities? Is the Fire Eater breathing fire for real? And is the tall guy actually standing on stilts??

I've pulled a lot of reference from Victorian circus posters, Carnivale pictures, and Masquerade!

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