Saturday, 21 August 2010

Me!!? A hardened criminal!!?

These photos were taken by my younger sister, Gemma Dunkerton. Shes putting together an online portfolio (see links below) and a couple published collections of photos as part of her second year at college. For this trio of photos I volunteered myself to play a part in her collection of mug shots depicting her family and friends.
Shes a keen photographer and took these photos with her very own Sony DSLR with Fish Eye and Zoom lens!

Along with my name, date of birth and height (yes, I'm that short...), the board also features a string of numbers and letters, which on authentic mug shots would refer to the prisoners serial number etc.. But in this case they refer to the year and location of when Gemma first met the person in the photo. In my case she first met me in the year of her birth (1992) at the place of her birth (Yeovil District Hospital).
Gem intends on getting this collection of mug shots published with Blurb by the end of august, and already has a book packed with previous photographic works of art under her belt! (To view/purchase this book see the link to her blurb profile below!)

I've asked her permission to put these pics up on my blog, not only because shes managed to find a camera that actually works for me, but because shes genuinely into making a career out of photography and that's awesome! What more could an older sister do than pimp her work out on my blog!
Now, on with the obligatory list of links!

Website - Le Petit Photographe
Gemma MayPhotography Facebook Group
Gemmayy Blurb Profile

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