Monday, 22 October 2012

Halloween Special - Zombie Portraits!!

Halloween is a-coming!!

I've currently been reading a LOT of Walking Dead and felt really inspired to get into the spooky spirit with a Zombified self portrait for display pictures and things.
But then once I did one for myself (and thoroughly freaked myself out in the process) I had to do one for my sister, Gemma, her boyfriend Josh, and Alex!

It's gotten to the point where other people are now interested! So I might open a bit of a commission with this!

If you'd like to see yourself Zombified like the portraits below, then get in touch!

Solo portraits (like these pictured here) - £8
Double portrait (you and a friend) - £10

Portraits are drawn in blue and lead pencil with red colouring pencil, they measure around 11cm by 11cm, (double portraits will be wider) and all are signed and dated.

This commission offer will only be open during the lead up to Halloween and for time and postage purposes I can only offer this to friends and family for now, sorry! 
If this kicks off then maybe next year I'll open it up to a broader market!

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