Friday, 12 October 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing UPDATE!

Morning Whovians!
I have some very exciting news for you! 
Last week marked the completion of all the pencils and inks for all pages of the first issue! And this week I completed all the lettering also!

So from now until Christmas I will be busy colouring everything ready for a lunch in the New Year, and a kick start of a year long celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who!
For now though, I'm going to share a rather special panel from page 20.

What's so special about this panel, you're wondering right? Well it's based on a rather famous photograph taken by Frank Browne on Titanic's Promenade deck. First-class passenger Frederick Spedden observes his son, Robert Douglas, spinning a top while other passengers look on. And strolling right through the background of this scene is the Doctor and Harriet!
Here's the actual photograph:

This is just one of the many little hints and nods to real life events that Alex and I have added into Impossible Crossing!

Geek Syndicate's Autumn of Indie: Impossible Crossing Creator Interview!!

In related news Alex and I were interviewed by Geek Syndicate's Luke Halsall for their Autumn of Indie! Read about how we got into comics and Doctor Who, and learn more about the research we had to do to capture Titanic and the Doctors! 

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