Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More Zombie Portraits!!

The trial run for this proposed Zombie Portrait commission is going really well! Thanks for the great support everyone!

I've had a few takers since I blogged previously (click here to see the earlier portraits) and spent last night disfiguring and dismembering a couple of my best friends! Haha!

Zombie Ian, our resident undead vegetarian!
Fellow illustrator Jennie Gyllblad and her undead budgies Chester and Ruffles.

John here is a cycling fanatic! Nice to know that his helmet survived the zombie apocalypse, even if he didn’t… Road safety first everyone!! 

There are a few more to come so I'll post them up in another batch!
This was a good idea to open as a trial first to work out the kinks and become aware of things before they become a crisis! I think I will defiantly open this up as a properly organised commission next year for anyone and everyone, people just seem to love Zombies!! 

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