Friday, 26 October 2012

Mooooooore Zombie portraits!!

Been a busy zom-bee (gettit?) with with all these commissions! Haha never mind! :P

Here are the latest additions to the horde!
Ash and Lyndsay here are my Manager and supervisor at work... lets just say drawing these two was a daunting experience, but also at the same time fun in a slightly sadistic way! Love you guys! :D
Ben here is a has been turned into a comic fiend and Walking Dead fan with my encouragement. Now I've also turned him into a Zombie!
Here're another couple! Andrea and her boyfriend Harry, who I am told is one lighting scar away from being Harry Potter... well Harry, wish granted!

This one was a fun commission for Venetia and her band called The What Now Kids? Jon, the singer has his lower jaw missing and his mic wrapped round his neck. Venetia has her head partially severed by a cymbal and a drumstick in her mouth. And Rob has an axe wound caused by his guitar!

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