Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Doctor's Companion

The 5 page prologue for Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing has been live for two weeks now!

I'm rather chuffed that since the launch on the 14th it's been getting a steady stream of hits, so thank you everyone who has had a read, or shared the link! You're awesome!

I've a little treat for you now, a bit of behind the scenes sketches and a sneaky peek at the additional cast of the comic!

Let me introduce you to Harriet!

Harriet is a headstrong and adventurous 14 year old girl from 1912. She's intelligent, sharp and doesn't care to be restricted by the proper etiquette for a young lady of her age. She and her family are travelling in second class on the Titanic. 
While exploring the ship Harriet runs across an odd man wearing a green frock coat, they instantly strike a friendship, and for this story Harriet becomes the Doctor's companion!

You'll meet the rest of Harriet's family soon!

If anyone hasn't yet read the Impossible Crossing prologue you can do so right here: 

Please feel free to comment and share! :)

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