Saturday, 21 April 2012

MAC music video - Animatic!!

It's been a long while since I've updated you all on the MAC animation project!
Well I can happily say that after several odd days spent scribbling away in photoshop and listening to the same track over and over and over and over, I finally have something to show you all!

I have just finished the Animatic for 'Let the Jury Sing'!!

So without further a-do...
(Apologies for the wonky embed! This video is also available to view on Vimeo!)

This project still has a long way to go yet; the character designs need developing with colour, scene concepts need to be done, dope sheets need to be written, and the additional SFX (which in the animatic are provided by free audio websites and are temporary for the purposes of the animatic) need to be properly recorded.
Not to mention actually properly animating the damn thing!

As it stands though, with the completion of the Animatic, this project has reached a nice point to be able to pause for a month or two while I take time to work on an opportunity that has come my way. A 5 page contribution to a comic anthology, though I'm afraid I can't say any more than that at the moment!

But all of you can remind yourselves of the character designs and storyboards done for this project so far right here

Also to learn more about the band, listen to more tracks and find out about upcoming gigs, visit the Mad Apple Circus website!!
(Note: The MAC logo and website text headers were provided by moi!)

Judge Dredd, created by Carlos Esquerra & John Wagner, is copyright Rebellion A/S

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