Monday, 23 April 2012

8th Doctor Badge!

 Hello Who fans!

Just released I hadn't gotten round to showing you all the third and final Doctor Who badge I'd made!

If only Paul McGann had some kinda signature object then this one would have been easier to make, but anywhoo here it is. Alex's favourite Doctor's green velvet frock coat, waistcoat and cravat! 

Super Sculpey clay was used again to make this one, just like the 4th Doctor and 5th Doctor badges I showed you previously...

And again acrylic paint was used to add colour, though this time I had to do a bit of experimentation with metallic silver and gold paint to get the right colours for the cravat, waistcoat, and frock coat lapels! Then I made it super shiny with a couple coats of varnish.

It might be quite cool to continue this run of badges and make one for each of the Doctors! So y'never know, I may just make a few more of these knick-knacks if I've got the time! :D

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