Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Birthday Ian - 4th Doctor badge!

You may have noticed that I'm a huge Doctor Who nut, and I'm always happy to geek up my clothes so that people can't help but notice!
So I had an idea or two for a couple of Doctor Who badges!

One I've made as a birthday present for Ian, who's favourite Doctor is Tom Baker!
And here it is, the 4th Doctor's famous hat and scarf!!

I made it out of Super Sculpey clay, using Alex's 4th doctor figure and numerous online pictures for reference. Then attached a simple brooch clasp to the back with more sculpey, and popped it to bake and harden in the oven.

It's then simply painted with your standard water-based acrylics, with a few coats of varnish to prevent wear and damage to the paint!

I'm really rather pleased with the way this has turned out, so much so that I decided to make another for myself of my own favourite Doctor!

I'll post up pictures soon!

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