Thursday, 1 April 2010

Kaplan Altior Calendar

These were my entries for the Kaplan Altior calendar competition back in November 09. The requirements were to produce multiple images representing various cities/attractions in the UK.
So number one is Bristol Suspension Bridge and Balloon Festival. The robot is also meant to be made out of Bristol landmarks, his body is Temple Meads, his shoulder is the SS Great Britain, and on his back are the horns from the bridge at the Waterfront.
Number two is The Deep aquarium in Hull, as if viewed from inside one of the tunnels through the Endless Oceans tank. They have over 40 sharks of 12 different species, the sharks in this picture (loosely) resemble some of the species that the aquarium has in a kinda kaleidoscope pattern.

And lastly, number three is Redclife Square, in Oxford, with St Mary's church in the background, a nice season specific picture. This image was actually chosen to be printed in the calendar!! It was used as the final image, after December, for the New Year!

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