Saturday, 24 April 2010

Animation Update... and some Website designs!

Things have been a little slow on the blogging front recently, and that is because 99.9% of my time these days is devoted to animating.

My days start at 9.00am (sometimes earlier) and straight away I start up my computer, while getting dressed an cleaning my teeth. And then I'm at it until around 12.00pm when I allow myself an hour to get some exercise, because otherwise I'd be sat on my ass all day! Then after a quick wash it's back to my laptop, with a working lunch. And then I'm here until around 7.30pm when my boyfriend prises me away to eat my dinner and spend the rest of the evening relaxing with a DVD (unless, of course, I decide I haven't had enough and go back to do a little more before bed!)
It may make me sound like a work-a-holic, and maybe I am, but to get this animation done within the amount of time I have given myself it needs to be this way. And this way does work!

Currently I have finished animating shots 1, 2 and 4, and I'm half way through shots 3 and 5. That leaves only shots 6 and 7 to start!
I hope to have all the animation completed by Tuesday (I work all day Sunday, so there will be no time to do any then). Then the next step will be to take the final clips into Premier and edit it all together with sound!

But anyway, just so that this post has some visuals in it, I thought I'd post up some rough mock-ups of a possible website layout. I have been attending a series of DreamWeaver workshops to learn how to build my own website, and we were asked to mock up a layout of several pages in Photoshop so that we'd have a base to build our websites around.
So here are mine!

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