Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dark Harvest : Resistance PUBLISHED!!

Something very special arrived in the post Friday morning. Apologies for not being able to show you all until now, but here it is!!!
Dark Harvest: the Legacy of Frankenstein - Resistance, all printed, published and pretty! :D

Right at the beginning of this book the Resistance comic I illustrated kicks off an introduction into the themes and tone of Dark Harvest, to refresh those returning to the RPG after the 1st book, and enlighten any newcomers.
Following the comic you'll encounter various single illustrations, four of which are mine, nestled amongst the text. Thats something I really like about this book, the page layouts are very well thought through and each page treats the eye with something. Be it an old paper scroll inset, annotations to the illustrations, or the subheadings in a different font to break up the text.

Then towards the end of the book the winning characters of the Create a Character competition are presented alongside the pencil illustrations I provided.

To be able to finally hold so many months worth of hard work and anticipation in my hands is astounding! I am so overwhelmed by how well the whole book has come together, it's such a joy to be able to flick through and not only encounter my own work, but that of others also, and see how each complements the subject and aesthetic of each page!
I'm so chuffed, not only am I now a thrice published illustrator, with this wonderful book to add to my portfolio, but I've also learnt many valuable skills and made firm friends on the way. 
Iain, I'm very much looking forward to the next time we work together! :D

To top off this post I've another glowing review to share with you!

Shores of Night - Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein and the Resistance

This double review of the Dark Harvest core book and Resistance, the shiny beauty you see piccies of above, is by Steve Cotterill.

Here is what he had to say specifically about the comic:

"Turning to the Resistance, which starts with a lovely comic strip, so much kudos to Iain's team for getting that in place, we find a much deeper insight into those who defy the new order"

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