Saturday, 22 September 2012

"Well, shall we?" - Impossible Crossing Sneak Peek!

Hey there Whovians!

This week saw Page 20 drawn and inked, which means that there are only 2 more pages to go!!

This'll be the longest comic I've done to date, and I'm probably as excited as you lot to see it all finally put together! And this is only issue one!!
Alex Beedie (the writer) and I are still in discussion as to wether to get a black and white version out to you early, or to wait for the whole issue to be coloured... 

I for one know I'm impatient for our story to be read! However a full colour first issue could be ready for the Doctor Who Christmas Special! 
How d'you all feel about that? :)

To help you decide here's a sneaky peek of Page 15, Panel 2!

I've also ventured out into the realm of Tumblr!!

If you're also on Tumblr, and would like to keep track of my work and other bits and pieces, then please give my Tumblog a look, like and follow:

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