Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing - Sneak Peek

Morning all!

To update you all on the progress of the first full issue of Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing, today I'll be working on the pencils and inks for page 19! 
Which'll leave only 3 pages (and the cover) left to draw before lettering!!

Alex Beedie (the writer) and I are in discussion as to wether we should push the release forward, but in doing so majority of the issue will be in black and white. As it stands at the moment only the 1st 5 pages we released in April as the Prologue are in colour, however the option is always there to go back and colour the rest of the issue at a later date. 

We're just very eager to tell our story! And I hope from these sneak peeks you're all as eager to read it!

Here's another snippet to look at from page 13, panel 3.

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