Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing - sneak peek!

Hey there Whovians!

It's time you had another sneaky peek at issue one of The Impossible Crossing and I've got a special panel to show you today, it's possibly my favourite panel out of the entire issue!
It was SO fun to draw, when you see it you'll defiantly see why!

So without further ado here is Harriet awed by the Ship of Dreams in Panel 1 of Page 8!

Have you been keeping track of all the behind the scenes character sketches and peeks at panels from issue one? No worries, you can see 'em all right here!And don't forget to check out the 1st 5 pages of issue one in the Prologue, even if you've seen it already read it again!
On a related topic, I've a bit of news! Alex Beedie, the writer of the Impossible Crossing has started a Film Review blog! There you'll not only be able to read weekly reviews on a variety of film and TV genres, but you will also find links to where you can read more of his written work online!So if you enjoyed Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing Prologue, then give this a read and a follow on awordonfilm.blogspot.co.uk 

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