Monday, 16 July 2012

My work on display at the Canada Place Trail Exhibit, Vancouver!!

Back in February I had a surprise email regarding a couple of Illustrations from my 3rd year at the University of the West of England, Bristol.
Someone wanted to purchase the right to use these two illustrations in an outdoor educational display in Vancouver, Canada!

The Illustrations in question were these shown below:

This one depicts John Cabot landing on the beach of Newfoundland, having set sail in the Matthew from Bristol.

And this one depicts a tribe of Native Americans viewing the previous scene from the surrounding mountains.
These Illustrations were originally conceptual pieces for and idea I had for a werewolf comic set in the 1700's, when the British came to colonise America. You can find the original posts for these images on my blog here and here.
I spent my 3rd year at uni developing the story and aesthetic for this comic, but have since had to put it's production on hold with the intent of picking it up in the future... However you can view all the work I did towards it right here.

Right now the Canadian Trail exhibit is open free to the public and has received a lot of interest from tourists to Vancouver!
I am told that there are up to 3 cruise ship sailings a week, transporting approx 5-6,000 people, not including the other visitors walking through the exhibit, so it's anticipated to draw plenty of attention!

On the outdoor promenade there are benches highlighting different topics of Canada. These benches have graphic panels that tells the story relating to that topic. My Illustrations are on a graphic panel for 
their history station! The display itself is scheduled to remain up and open to the public for 3-5 years!!!

And here is what you can expect to see!!

My contact and the Canada Place corporation was kind enough to take a few photos of my work in the display and of the Exhibit as a whole!

So if you find yourself heading out towards Vancouver, or if I have any Canadian readers out there, then pop along to Canada Place and take a look! You can find out more about the exhibit and other things on this website: you do go, I'd love to hear all about it so please feel free to comment below!! :) 

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  1. That's amazing!!! I never imagined it would look like that!