Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dark Harvest: Resistance - Reviews, Interviews and more!!!

Welcome Prometheans to this HUMUNGOUS review post!!The Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein supplement; Resistance, has been out and available to buy (as PDF) for a good few weeks now. The reviews and interviews have been pouring in, so I've taken the liberty of collecting every scrap of info I can find for an uber-list of links for you all to peruse at your own leisure!I shall be adding to this list  and updating it with a few more review links and things that are on their way!
1. We'll kick things off with a review from Tommy Brownell on his blog.You can find Tommy's take on Dark Harvest: Resistance here: 
2. Review by GMS Magazine, here is a little bit about what they say about the art."The text is broken with inserts, which take the shape of parchment, and quite a few really lovely illustrations. The style of the illustrations is somewhat misleading to the atmosphere of the book, though. The style is slightly naive in its rendering. Although I have absolutely no problem with it (in fact, I really like it), you might be forgiven for believing the contents are less serious than they are."You can find the whole thing here: 
3. The Going Last Gaming Podcast give a really nice review in their June episodeIf you want to listen to the dark Harvest bit specifically, fast forward to the last 15mins:

4. A really lovely and enthusiastic review from Nearly Enough Dice up next! Here's what was said about the art amongst other things.

"I love the comics, the stories and the artwork and maps that are throughout this wonderful supplement. I love the fact that there is over 160 pages of stuff I actually want to look at! I love this supplement and get a real feeling of quality from it."

5. A little while ago Iain Lowson, the creator of Dark Harvest, gave an interview to the Polish gaming website: Poltergeist, about Resistance!

The interview was published on the site in Polish, however you can find an English translation on the DH:LoF website here:

This issue of the magazine is also available as a PDF (in Polish) where they have used the 1st page of the Resistance comic I did as the featured art for the interview!
You can download it right here:
(Skip ahead to page 44 to see my art in the article!!)

17/7/12 - UPDATES!!

6. Over on the blog Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer, Jay has also reviewed Resistance!
You can read it right here: 

7. This one is hot off the press: A review by Michael Wolf from Stargazer's World!!
Find it right here:

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